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There are many different ways in which communities celebrate holidays.  In some cases cookouts are the routine, in others a fancy dinner with friends.  This paper will focus on the difference and similarities of small town and big city celebrations of the Labor Day holiday.

Big cities often times offer different venues during holidays because of their budget allocations and the amount which they are allowed to spend.  For instance, in Cleveland Ohio this past Labor Day weekend, the schedule provided the large community with an air show, food and music at the amphitheatre, an orchestra at the Blossom Music Center, and several social events at area churches involving an array of religious denominations (Labor Day Weekend Activities 2007).

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A smaller town, with a smaller budget would not be able to afford so many various activities.  In fact the pure size of a big city would offer much more based on its diversity and the catering it would do to various religious groups, culture, and taste.  A smaller town based on its access to music halls, and other activity centers would be limited in its scope of Labor Day activities.  As such, the most popular event during Labor Day for both small and large cities is the Labor Day parade.  Both small and large towns hold parades in honor of this holiday.  The only difference between small and large town Labor Day parades is the size of the parade.  Indeed a large city such as Cleveland will have an expansive parade with many floats, organizations marching in the parade, a large band and other characteristics.  A smaller town is usually speckled with a local high school band’s sounds, local organizations such as Lion’s Club, and 4-H.

The difference in Labor Day activities for small and large cities rests with the amount of money involved as well as the diverse nature of the culture surrounding the city.  For Cleveland many different churches may be hosting events, but in a small town, there is a limit to the different religions and so each town would have different activities based on these limits.






















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