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Labor Unions

The present field of economic and employment aspect is indeed besieged by many ethical issues and problems. These problems commonly manifest in the form of humanitarian violation and harassment. As the business sector represented by the owners and management committee dominates the said field, it is common that the power and control balance is tipped in their side. However, this does not qualify them to seize the living rights and privileges of the workers and employees to have decent working conditions and equal perspective as part of the society. Under the said idealism that the concept of labor union becomes very significant as they pursue the humanitarian rights and protection of the common workers under their employment relationship.

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The primary objective of labor unions is primarily to pursue the rights and protection of the workers through binding together their individual efforts and influence. Indeed, a single laborer has nothing to protect him or herself from the illicit and inappropriate objectives of the management sector as they have the upper hand in the said situation. He or she is vulnerable to the economic objectives and personal desires of the management sector from being illegally terminated or being harassed for the benefit of his or her counterpart.  Thus, to create an institution that will realize the worker’s benefits and rights, the labor sector collectively bounded their individual rights and bargaining power to establish an organization that will shield them from the unlawful and unethical employment aspects.

Labor unions give the worker sector the power to stand for their personal rights of welfare and equal perspective against the dominant and likely oppressive influence of the business sector. Through establishing and becoming a part of a labor union, each worker will be certain that his or her rights for a fair and justified employment relationship will be satisfied. Humanitarian rights such as fair compensation, safety for personal welfare, secure working conditions can be diligently and influentially pursued through the developing an institution that is focused on this field. With this collective efforts and interest, labor unions can make the business sector listen to the personal rights and needs of the worker sector creating the ideal balance in the employment field. Indeed, the labor unions manifest as the mediator for the employment aspect. They are important in the present employment situation as they are the primary group or institution that pursue the interest and welfare of the common laborers against the unjustifiable an unfair interest of the business field for economic benefit.