Lack of Sense of Direction in Today’s College Students: A Reason for FailureThere are basically two kinds of college students today.

The first is someone who is passionate and really likes what he or she is doing, and the other is the simple, laid back fellow who tries to like what he or she is doing. These features are very common in everyday life, and usually those who only try, even though how much effort they put in trying, end up losing their patience in frustration.I think that a student’s focus and direction plays a big role in his career as a college student. College is really a hard life. It sparks the beginning of independent decision making and alone living.

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It is the time when the student makes the best of his or her own abilities, with little of no help from the adults. And that is why I firmly believe that the path the student would take in the college years must be something that he truly loves.Take for example my friend David. His interest in science goes back since he was still a kid. His parents coached him during science fairs, made him involved with quiz contests and technically molded him to be a scientist.

He took Biology as his undergraduate course, and hopes to get medicine. This was of course with some pursuing powers from his parents. But lately on his studies, his interest slowly shifted to music. He loved music as much as he loved science, but it was just that science was the field that was given more credit by his family and friends. Now, David is still struggling to finish Biology.

Not to be a doctor afterwards, but to be able to study music.On the other hand his sister, Monica, showed a strong attachment to music ever since. She played the piano well at an early age, and composed a few songs during her elementary days. Although there was some push for her to go to science by her parents, she stuck with her will and continued excelling in music. She went to a music college, took up a Certificate course in Piano, and is now taking up a Bachelor degree in Classical Piano. She is currently earning about $300 a week due to her regular performances.These two is a very concrete example on how one’s focus can affect not only the college life, but also the subsequent years to come.

It is really nice to know that sometimes, a very strong mind can land you not only a good college degree, but also the kind of job you would enjoy for the rest of your life.