2. Analysis2.1 Industry2.1.1 Land Freight IndustryLand cargo industry is an industry which is all about transit of goods on the land or route from one finish to another finish. Goods that are transported can be light points such as cotton and wool, little point such as button and paper cartridge holders and it can besides be big point such as single parts of some machines or it can be heavy point such as cements, sand, stones and so on.

Every twenty-four hours, we can see many types of trucks on route and main road transporting tonss of goods depends on the truck size. Different size and tallness of a truck will make up one’s mind the weight and size for the goods to be transported. The mainly merchandises that are transported day-to-day are dry nutrients, fresh nutrient and veggies, flowers and workss, package or package, print merchandises, fabrics, edifice stuffs, natural stuffs for industry and so on.

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Normally the trucks will unite with sea, rail and air cargo when there are international cargos orders.2.1.

2 Analysis toolsTypes of cargoUnder land cargo industry, it is normally in the domestic transportation which mean it merely transport or carry goods from one topographic point to another within the same state. When the logistician received order from the client, they will lade the goods on the truck and sent it to the finish that client requested. During the transit procedure, it involved trucks and roads merely and able to transport the goods by utilizing roads from one province to another province within a state.Today, many land cargo industry had already expanded and had the international transportation which sometimes utilizing the span to traverse among states such as Malaysia to Singapore. Or else, logistician will hold to see about combination of land cargo with air or sea cargo in order for transporting the goods to the other state in what we called international transportation.

For illustration, when Malaysia needs to transport some goods to Korea or U.S, they can non merely depends on trucks but they will necessitate to utilize either ship or plane in order to transport the goods across the sea between two states.Types of TrucksAs we know that, the chief transit vehicles in land cargo industry are trucks. In Malaysia, there are several types of trucks categorised under 3 classs which are little trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks.

Under the little trucks class, there are mini trucks, pick-up trucks which is trucks with an open-top, rear lading country at the dorsum, panel trucks which are windowless trucks with no backseat, Cutaway new wave which is normally used to transport smaller or lighter lading, and tow trucks which can sometimes be the medium trucks. The tow trucks are used to transport handicapped or illegal parked motor vehicles to a specified location [ Falco, 2011 ] . There are five types of tow trucks which differentiated based on its size and equipments. First is the Boom type of tow trucks which was equipped with an adjustable roar. Second is the tow trucks equipped with hook and concatenation which is used to drag autos that have steel bumpers. Third are the trucks equipped with wheel-lift which is the improved signifier from hook and concatenation. Fourth is the flatbed truck, the full dorsum of a flatbed truck is fit with a bed and is able to travel to the land degree.

The 5th types is the Self-loader Snatcher, it is the combination of roar and wheel-lift to do a speedy pickup without any hook to pick up the goods. The maximal weight that can carried by little trucks is merely 7.5 dozenss.For the medium class, there are new waves, flatbed trucks, medium responsibility trucks, fire trucks, electric platform trucks which are electric powered trucks with a big level surface for keeping objects to be conveyance, and box trucks which is besides known as cube truck, bob truck or consecutive truck [ Falco, 2011 ] . Box truck is normally have 4m to 7m in length and normally have a garage door. All the goods can be loaded on the trucks through the door. It can besides utilize as traveling trucks to transport place contraptions and furniture. The medium trucks can transport goods up to maximum 12 dozenss.

The 3rd class is the heavy trucks, the trucks under this class are concrete conveyance trucks, log bearer which is used to transport log, icebox truck which is equipped with air conditioner at the cargo country of the trucks and is normally use dto conveyance nutrients and drinks, semi-trailer truck which is a truck attached with one or more semi-trailers to transport goods, Crane which is a truck equipped with concatenation, bundles, and lift, armored combat vehicle truck which is designed to transport liquified tonss, dry majority lading or gases on the route, dump truck which is a truck that was designed for movable stuffs such as sand, soil or stones for building [ Falco, 2011 ] . A dump truck is normally equipped with an open-box at the dorsum and the front portion of the box is able to be lift up in order to travel the stuff inside the box to the land. There are several types of shit trucks such as standard shit trucks, transportation dumb trucks, truck and whelp, super dumb trucks, semi-trailer terminal dense truck, semi-trailer underside dense truck, dual and ternary underside dense truck and side dense truck. The maximal capacity for the heavy trucks is up to 40 dozenss.Besides this three classs, there are 2 types of trucks which is out of class. First is the ballast tractor, it is designed to force or draw heavy or exceptionally big points and it is the heaviest category of on-highway trucks. Second is the heavy haulier, it consists of flatbed with multiple wheels which can transport up to 400 dozenss. All assortment of trucks above will hold more mixture of trucks with different size and design.

2.2 Current rivalsLocal rivalS.T.B Maju ( M ) Sdn Bhd was foremost founded in 1973 which operated as providing laborers and machinery. It was operated by utilizing forklifts for majority lading handling services at Port Klang. Today, S.

T.B Maju ( M ) Sdn Bhd is merely concentrating more on transit of natural stuffs in majority for building and other types of natural stuffs for production. For illustration, handle meat merchandises, soya bean repast, maize, coal, coke zephyr, woodchips, sand and so on. S.T.B Maju ( M ) Sdn Bhd has their concern at all the major port in Malaysia such as the Penang Port, Lumut Port, North Port and Kuantan Port.

This company has provided services to several industries included the palm oil industry, provender factory industry, cement industry, Fe or manganese ore industry and so on. They provide services such as repositing, transit, majority lading handling, stevedoring and supply of heavy machinery at several ports and mills.S.T.B Maju ( M ) Sdn Bhd declared that they are rich in technology accomplishments and have broad experiences that allow them to utilize particular capablenesss in every undertaking presenting and they are confident in adding value to their clients at every phase of their operation procedure.With their ain experience and proficient accomplishments, they have created a 7’ pess belt width hopper conveyer which is the lone conveyer used to lade by tipping dawdler among the ports in West Malaysia. This had created a competitory advantage for the company if any of their clients require this type of conveyer since there is none of the other company possesses this type of conveyer. Besides that, they have besides successfully come out with a broad choice of nomadic conveyer and fleets of tipper lorries that equipped with the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) to let goods tracking services during bringing.

This is able to better the security of the goods for the clients. The goods tracking services by utilizing GPS is still non really common in Malaysia, even Tiong Nam Group is still have non develop this type of services so it had brought a big competitory advantages for S.T.B Maju company. Besides that, the transit service provided is covering a non little scope of merchandises is giving the company some benefit since Tiong Nam Group does non affect in transporting sand, cement, stone and so on.International rivalCrane Worldwide Logistics ( M ) Sdn Bhd was foremost founded in 2007 that the first company was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the past 2 old ages, their company has expended and had added mean one web spouse to their system for each twelvemonth. Crane Worldwide Logistic is non merely covered land cargo but besides covered air and ocean cargo for the Pacific Rim through their web in worldwide.

The company has established the joint venture offices with more than 200 people all over the Far E, U.S, Central and South America, Europe and Australia at the terminal of 2009.The services provided by this company included usage clearance which is about revenue enhancement, cargo send oning with marine insurance, domestic hauling, local bringing, logistic consulting and repositing. Crane Worldwide Logistic company transported about all sorts of goods.

They have besides involved manus carries services or counter to counter services for exigency cargos.Crane Worldwide Logistic company’s end is to spread out their concern and company across the states and they have seem to accomplish their end since they already have their concern across several states and has good relationship with most bearers functioning the Pacific. The company has besides provided several value added schemes such as supplier direction plan, benchmark productiveness betterment, standardise public presentation standards, evaluate quality service with committedness and so on. The procedure that the company is implementing now included the local installations meeting, dedicated squad assigned, IT proving, functional organisation set-up, test cargo testing and so on.The competitory advantages of Crane Worldwide Logistic are based on service quality, dependability, capableness and competitory pricing offer.

They have the assurance that they are able to supply a higher quality of services and they have the accomplishments and abilities to guarantee the service they provide will fulfill the clients. Besides that, most of their employees are bilingual in Chinese and English and they had upgraded all their hardware, engineerings and IT system late in order to supply the best services for their clients.By comparing to Tiong Nam Group, Tiong Nam will be less competitory advantage based on the engineering portion and it merely focus more on land conveyance so it can be hard if Tiong Nam Group want to spread out across states compare to Crane Worldwide Logistic company.