Dear Sir or Madam. I am composing this missive to kick about the episode 3 from the Season 13 of Modern Family where the little miss Lilly uses the f-word over and over once more. This is unacceptable and inappropriate! I as a parent don’t want my kid to hear the vulgar linguistic communication on Television. Television plans have a particular sort of consequence on the kids. This is so because they find the Television histrions to be their function theoretical accounts.

They want to have on the same apparels. move the same manner and even speak the same manner – fundamentally live up to them. That’s why the book authors of the Modern Family necessitate to be use appropriate word to show the thoughts.I to the full acknowledge that the f-word was used on intent. If there is no other manner to do the show amusing. but to utilize inappropriate words. so I am regretful. But you need to maintain in head that the show is for the whole household to watch.

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I am so loud about this issue because a serious job rose up in our household after watching the episode. Me and my household were all sitting in our life room and watching “Modern family” . When Lilly dropped the f-bomb. my younger boy started express joying hard. Equally shortly as the episode finished.

he got up and stated: “What a f****ing good show it was.It was f****ing funny” . I was left speechless. Me and my married woman had an hr long talk with him to explicate how bad the f-word is and that he can non utilize it in any fortunes. After listening for the hour-long torment he turned to me and kindly asked “Dad. why can’t I use that bad word if Lilly can? ” Dear reader. make you see where I am taking to? Lilly merely showed him that utilizing the word is wholly all right and that it makes people lough out of it.

Lilly’s pa laughed at each every clip she pronounced the word. This is non right. That shouldn’t have been the reaction from her pa.This made my younger boy Erik think that utilizing the expletive linguistic communication is natural and amusing.

After watching the last episode yesterday. he got even more interested in watching the following episode. He is uneasily waiting for it because there is a opportunity of larning some new “nasty” words. On the other side.

as You can presume. I will non stand still and will non let him to watch the following episode because it is inappropriate for his age. Apparently. one household after another will recognize the impact of the show on their kids and will halt sing it. I am regretful to state but You will be at a loss.

Harmonizing to a survey by a university. “children exposed to profanity in the media think that such linguistic communication is normal. which may cut down their suppressions about utilizing profanity themselves” . The survey has shown that the kids who are exposed to the vulgar linguistic communication more frequently are more aggressive verbally and even physically.

I as a parent don’t want my boy to be caught by constabulary because of assailing person on the route. Besides. Erik can be beaten up by some senior male childs if they hear him cursing at them.

If anything of this sort happens. the duty lies on You!Harmonizing to another research at the University of Bristol. “Swearing provokes a physical emphasis response which will increase the blood force per unit area level” . If my boy starts utilizing the f-word over and over. he might hold high force per unit area and go a physically misbalanced individual. None of the parents would wish their boy or girl to hold high force per unit area because of watching “Modern Family” . “Modern Family” is a show which should cut down the force per unit area by easing the life.

The whole point of the show is to demo how the modern household is different from past and do gags about it.But doing a little miss swear gives a complete opposite feeling. Bing a parent in this state of affairs is a really tough occupation. It is really of import to state the right thing at that minute. If a incorrect message is given. so the kid may travel out of control. We ne’er faced any jobs of this sort with our senior boy and so it is the first clip we are holding such a serious and critical conversation at place. For the hereafter episodes please usage appropriate linguistic communication so that we could sit with the whole household and watch the series together once more.

We used to bask making it.But now I am afraid that we can’t make it any longer due to the fright of inappropriate linguistic communication. We managed to wipe out the f-word from the caput of our immature pull the leg of this clip. but I am afraid the following clip we won’t be able to make it any longer.

So. we would plead you to revise your books and take all the inappropriate vocabulary out of it. It is a show for all of us and lets non do merriment of the swear words and remain off from them.

They are non needed. There are many other ways to do people laugh and I am certain that your editors will be able to come up with some better ways to do people laugh.