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Language Diversity and Schooling



Learning English language begins on how the teachers teach the young ones. To be more specific those are people living in African America, these are students that are now facing many difficulties in learning the English language. Because Africa American students are practiced and exposed in a place where Black English language is popularly used. In learning the English language there are many things to be considered for example the correct pronunciation of words and how the sound is form to make it an acceptable English. As a teacher you must plan more activities that could enhance their speaking skills in correct format of English language. The possible activity that a teacher could apply is to let their students exposed in a place where they could learn fast the formation of sound as known as“ Speech Laboratory”. Today, speech laboratory is an effective and essential approach to be used in English class, through exposing them in this particular place the student could learn fast the language by just letting them to listen and the teacher will facilitate his students. It is fun activity that suited in learning process especially knowing the correct English.

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According to my last reading that the one of the main cause of the students who have facing English language problem was many black students in different school had moved from a nearby city and that they were not used to the academic standards of the school. Many of them became discouraged due to the lack of support of the teachers and some students even dropped out. This is a problem. Many teachers do not respect students’ cultures if they are not a part of the mainstream, white culture. Although language is only one part of this respect, it is a large part of every student’s culture. Even though there has been a movement to improve inner-city schools and increase the success of black students, these programs would benefit any school around the country.

As a teacher, how I will address the issue of Ebonics usage among students in the four corner of the classroom through facilitating and guiding the student in learning the English language.

Encourage them to be part of learning process; teacher should maintain students centered all the time. One of the appropriate and effective way of letting the students learn fast the English language is exposing them in speech lab and let them listen with guidance and make an evaluation to know if wither they are learning or not by simply letting them to speak what they have learn.  But the most important of all learning is to understand their culture and teach them slowly and according to their needs as a student. Learning the English can be learned easily by the student through exposing them to many activities that could enhance their speaking skills.  The teacher should open-minded and respect their culture and help them to develop their skills slowly and accordingly.