In our universe there are so people that are being overrated. from their tegument colour. to how they talk or to where they came from or the manner they walk. everything from what people wear to where people come from and their cultural background. These people are looked down on from the remainder of society for merely being themselves and making merely what they know to make. For some. it’s incorrect if others do non move merely like them and they put them down for it.

Stereotypes can be described person of a certain race. faith. gender. nationality.

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or other groups. You can see that linguistic communication. gender. and civilization ( category and race ) does associate to power because men’s have more power than women’s. the manner you speak. your instruction.

income. and many more.In the article “His Politeness Is Her Powerlessness” by Deborah Tannen. Tannen chief point of the article was to demo that no affair what happens.

women’s are largely seen as powerless and men’s can be powerful. In the article. Tannen says. “A adult male might inquire adult female. ‘Will you delight travel to the shop? ’… ‘Gee. I truly need a few things from the shop. but I’m so tires’” ( Tannen 120 ) . Tannen proves that when woman’s is being or inquire indirectly.

her manner is covert. and negative quality. Woman’s feel like they don’t have right to inquire indirectly. This relates to power because gender dramas large function particularly for men’s.

If men’s speaks or inquire indirectly. so they are seen in being polite. high position. and prove that they have more power so adult females. But. when it comes to women’s direct manner of inquiring or talking. the men’s sees the women’s manner as clumsy and rude. The men’s ever sees women’s manner as negative.

powerless and in lower position than them.In the article. “Transformation of Silence into Language and Action” by Audre Lorde.

Lorde’s illustrates the chief thought of interrupting silence and standing up for yourself. besides make your fright into you strength and power. Lorde illustrates that you should interrupt your silence and experience the power of linguistic communication. “And. of class. I am afraid – you could hear it my voice – because the transmutation of silence into linguistic communication and action is an act of self-revelation and that ever seems fraught with danger… because there’s ever that one small piece inside of you that wants to be spoken out. and if you keep disregarding it. it gets madder and madder and hotter and hotter.

and if you don’t talk it out one twenty-four hours it will merely up and plug you in the mouth” ( Lorde 118 ) . Lorde proves that strong voice can alter someone’s life for the better. It is ever good to stand up for yourself instead than being silence. This relates to power because if you stand up for yourself and talk out and interrupt your silence so you have power and people will see you as powerful. Compare to if you don’t interrupt your silence so you are powerless and people will see you as powerless.In the article “Prelude: Barbershop” by Vershawn Ashanti Young. Young illustrates that the manner you speak and act in your community is the manner you perceive in community. You can see that turn out that in the quotation mark “My individuality.

nevertheless. was untypical. estranging me from my neighbours and goon and excepting me from the representation of ‘authentic’ ghetto life. Thus I didn’t have to contend to acquire out of the ghetto. I was kicked out” ( Young 125 ) .

This quotation mark does turn out the chief thought right because Young is stating that in his life he didn’t have to contend to acquire out of the ghetto life. he was fundamentally he was kicked out of it. Compare to the chief characters from the book “There Are No Children Here” where the chief character have to contend the ghetto in order to acquire out of the ghetto community. This relates to power because gender and power dramas large function. If you don’t talk or move in certain manner so you are fundamentally non see portion of the community.In the article “The Color Of Family Neckties: Race. Class.

Gender. And Extended Family Involvement” by Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian. Sarkisian illustrates that minority signifiers stronger and are more supportive to their households both in economic fiscal and emotional support. Sarkisian proves this in the article. “… Blacks and Latinos/as are every bit likely as White…to be supportive household members… .

Blacks and Latinos/as relations are most likely than White persons to be supportive: give each other aid with family work and kid attention. every bit good as with supplying drives and running errands” ( Sarkisian ) . Sarkisian shows that how economic issues by assisting your household members can convey the household so near and truly bonded to each other. This relates to power because of the race. civilization. Where white people with higher instruction.

high income are the 1 who has power and are seen powerful. Compare to as the minority. Blacks. Latinos/as with low instruction.

less income are the 1 who has less power and are seen as powerless.