Last updated: August 18, 2019
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Can symbols really change the society that we live in? We live in a world, where everything is changing each day. Technology changes in a blink of an eye. The way we transport ourselves from point A to point B, is also changing. The way we communicate with each other too. Now in days, symbols such as icons, logos and slogans, are changing the way we speak, the way we think and the way we see things. The symbols have become part of our pop culture. Since there are new ways to communicate, people will always find new and shorter ways to say something.

For example in texting, everyone says: LOL, LMAO, BRB and etc. It has become normal in today’s world. Those are symbols that are replacing words such: Laughing Out Loud, Laughing My Ass off, Be Right Back and etc. I, myself use those words while texting and it has become part of my vocabulary in a way, but only in texting. People use these words, simply because we are too lazy to write out the whole thing. We use emotions icon to symbolize the mood that we are in. For example, in chatting or in texting people use: (,(, :/,>O, xD, =P and it keeps on going and going.

If this keeps up, it will replace formal speaking in a way. By having symbols in our society, it has changed the way we think too. Just like texting has changed most of the youth’s mind, by thinking it is good to use those words. Other things will also seem like it is normal to them. For example, when we see a yellow curved “M” with the red background, we automatically know it is MacDonald’s, without having the name right there. Little children know what is the MacDonald’s sign and most of them does not how to read. Slogans are also symbols, but in word form.

If we know that Burger King’s slogan is, “Have it your way”, when we hear the words, “Have it your way”, we automatically think of Burger King. When we see the Swoosh symbol on any type of clothing whether it is: shoes, shirts, sweats, shorts, gym bags and etc, we know right away that that is from Nike. Since we know it’s from Nike, we know that it is a good brand that sells quality type of things. Another example would be the Apple sign, we think of IPods, Macs, IPad, etc. It has become part of our society and businesses are using that to its advantage.

The way we see things today is not the same as yesterday. The way we see things tomorrow is not the same as todays. Since there is a lot of logos or icons, people no longer look for the company’s name, they look for the logos or icons. For example, when someone goes to buy soda, they buy Coca-Cola, not cola soda. Before they would buy any type of cola, now it has to be Coke. When a person needs to look up some information on the internet, they say, “Google it. ” The logo has taken different company’s name into a whole new level. They make their profit basically from their logos and slogans.

But because of this, it is changing people’s minds and different ways. In conclusion, symbols really did change this society that we all live in. As technology changes every day, new ways to communicate will pop out. That means that there would be new ways for businesses to communicate to their customers. Businesses are not the only ones trying to communicate, but the world itself. New slogans, icons and logos will come out and a new era of symbols will come in. The symbols will use now change out of date. The way we speak, the way we think and the way we see things is going to be different in the future.