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Latin Immigration to the US

People travel from here and there in search of good accommodation facilities. People re-locate themselves from town to towns, city to cities or from countries to countries. This relocation of accommodation is called immigration.

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Immigration in its real sense means that being a permanent resident of any other country, leaving the real homeland. People go to other countries on two types of visas, one is the traveling visa and another is the immigrant visa. Traveling visa is only used for tourism purposes and immigrant visas are used for permanent residency. Immigration is used for residency purposes, however many people leave their countries on fake passports known as illegal immigrants. Immigration has deep effects on the economy, population and social systems of a country as when population increases, it has a deep effect on the social and economical crisis of a country. Nowadays, mostly people are moving towards the United States of America.

“The United States as the great “melting pot” has become a myth. The reality is that there is a continued geographic concentration of minority groups in certain regions and in specific metropolitan areas. This holds true especially for Hispanics and Asians, who tend to enter the US through “gateway cities” such as Los Angeles and New York and then remain there”. (

Many people move to the US just for the sake of good careers but find very odd one job. Many of them relocate for good environment and advancement. When we talk about the Latin Immigration to the US, first thing that comes in the mind is that Latin America has been against the USA for many years. Latin Americans dislike America. The government just because it wants to capture the mineral resources of Latin America. The Latin America has been distributed in many small colonies. The Latin American government says that America is not sincere at all, however it only wants to capture the mineral resources of our fertile land. Whereas America only wants to capture it at any cost. Fidel Castro, the communist leader is ruling the Latin America. As he is a communist he understands very well, the monopolies of the American government. In both of these countries, there are many differences and disputes but the question arises here that if the Latin Americans have always been against the American government, then why are they moving towards the United States of America?

This question is very confusing, as if the Latin Americans wish to relocate themselves to America for any reasons, then why is America providing immigrant visas to them; after all there are many disputes among them.

The history of Latin America says that the Americans are basically invaders. They go along with their traders in any country they think it’s useful to them and slowly and gradually they capture it. They did the same with the sub-continent. History says that the America has 52 states however it is not a country, a state nor a continent. It is a united territory of 52 states and has their one central point known as White House. In these 52 states, there are several disputes with the White House. There is another dispute in America between the black and white. Majority of Americans are called Red Indians. The black or Red Indians say that the white people are not the residents of this country as this territory belongs to them and that is the reason why people in the Washington District are afraid of leaving their homes after 10:00 pm.

“Los Angeles is the home to one fifth of the US Hispanic population. First in growth of all US cities; it gained18 percent of the Hispanic population between 1900 and 2000. Mexican and Latin-American immigrants and continued high fertility rates account for the increases. The Census of 2000 made clear minorities grew at 12 times the rate of whites. By the year 2050 according to Census projections racial and ethnic minorities will outnumber non-Hispanic whites. In the next fifty years this demographic shift will transform politics and business”. (

The main problem about Latin America is that it s very rich in mineral resources but its economical condition is not in good. The people of Latin America immigrate to the USA because they want to improve their economic situation. Latin America as compared to America is not in a stable condition. America is developed, stable, established and has a great infrastructure. People relocate themselves so that they could help their families and improve their economic situation. Latin Americans find more good opportunities to work in handsome fields in countries like America. They live two or three years in America and make their condition stable. When they finally get the immigration visa, they are called the permanent residents of the United States of America.

It is the history of America that they are invaders. They firstly go to any country and start their trading. Slowly they build their factories and call more invaders. As they begin to increase in number of population, they capture the whole state and call them its own. However, it has captured most of the states and calls them its territory. The Latin Americans are against these unlawful and illegal acts of the American Government. But they are bonded in the economical crisis and so they immigrate to the United States of America.

“Hispanics continue to be the largest minority group at 42.7 million. With a 3.3 percent increase in population from July 1, 2004, to July 1, 2005, they are the fastest-growing group”. (

When these immigrants immigrated to America, they found good opportunities of employment and soon a large number of Latin Immigrants start to accommodate themselves in America. After their accommodation to America, they found it very prosperous for themselves as they found America as a developing and a fast pace country. They soon began to shift themselves in a large number and now the situation is that the Latin Americans are also recognized a part of American population.

America firstly belonged to the Red Indians. The Red Indians are black in complexion. After that as its name suggests ‘United’ means that Chinese, Spanish, Jews, French and many more started to immigrate into America. It became United States and soon became a land of white people. The Red Indians or ‘black people’ and white people have disputes among themselves on the territory of America. There is something like a curfew in the whole Washington District and some other states after 10:00 pm at night. The black people start to move freely about place to place and if they see any of the white people, they deprive him/he of his/her cash and other valuables and if someone offers resistance, he/she is killed on the spot and no FIR is registered in these cases as it is a territorial problem. Latin Immigration has been defined very clearly but it has very deep aspects on the population, social and economic system of America. Increasing population means an increase in poverty and illiteracy. However, America is trying to resolve the Latin America issue but only through its capturing behavior.

“About 1-in-every-3 U.S. residents was part of a group other than single-race non-Hispanic white — according to national estimates by race, Hispanic origin and age released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2005, the nation’s minority population totaled 98 million, or 33 percent, of the country’s total of 296.4 million”. (





Through researches, the history of Latin America is that they are still against America, as they believe that they are invaders and they will capture their territories if they loosen the rope. Basically, Latin Americans immigrate to America so that they could get more and more opportunities of bright career and extend their job opportunities to a big extent. Latin Americans immigration has many deep effects on the population of America. When the population increases there is an increase in all the problems of a country. It is going on with America. But the American government should also give the rights of Latin America to its people so that all United would make a better and bright United States of America.
















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