Last updated: July 19, 2019
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To what extent is Ralph Lauren on the right tract to developing a multicultural organization?

The fact that he acknowledges that there is a problem with his program for developing a multicultural organization is a step that proves Mr. Lauren’s willingness to solve the problem. However, it seems that he has yet a long way to go because he cannot beef up his aims with clear steps. The only real step that he did that moved his goals towards multi-culturalism is his hiring of professional people to do it.

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What further advice can you offer Lauren to achieve fuller workplace diversity at Polo?

Acquiring knowledge of multicultural diversity is always a good advice in furthering efforts in the culturally proper way. There is a thin line between discrimination and embracing diversity. Informing all employees including the public and especially the clients on specific diversity programs the Polo embrace will shed light and lessen misconceptions.

Is the Christmas party incident a symptom of an organizational problem? Or were the black and Latino employees just behaving as they chose?

The black Latino employees are just behaving as they chose. One of the steps in embracing diversity is respecting cultural habits that the black Latino’s might have just been doing, enjoying each other’s company. Diversity does not mean all colors are represented on posters. It does not mean that employees have to be mixing at all kinds of gathering, smiling and having a nice time. Diversity is essentially respect to each culture’s uniqueness and innate ability.

Does Ralph Lauren “get it” as a leader with respect to cultural diversity in the workplace?

Lauren does not “get it” yet. But he is on the right track. The hiring of professionals to handle the company’s ethics issues is a credible and effective step to achieve his goals. One would know that it is effective because even employees are given hope that professionals are looking into the situation rather than just letting anyone to act on diversity issues based on general ideas that tend to be misconceived, and out of context.





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