1. Law and the legal system are based on thoughts from centuries past. but both are still invariably germinating to run into the demands of today’s universe. What do you believe will be the following amendment added to the US Constitution? Why?I think the following amendment will be the legalisation of same sex matrimony as it seems that more and more provinces are legalising it.2.

The Constitution protects free address. free imperativeness. free assembly. and freedom of faith. Additionally. the Supreme Court has upheld protection for freedom of look. How has this civilization of freedom led to the society we have today?It led us to be more controversial and voice our sentiment more so other civilizations around the universe. In my sentiment people are more caring and more likely to make Acts of the Apostless of kindness in America so places like Russia.

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3. What is an issue affecting the legal system that is presently acquiring a batch of attending in your province? What is your sentiment on the issue?An issue that is acquiring a batch of attending is the legalisation of medical marihuana. I think it should be legalized as it shows marks of being a intervention for people who have malignant neoplastic disease. AIDS.

multiple induration. hurting. glaucoma. epilepsy. and other conditions.4. Have your sentiments on the legal system.

the authorities. or jurisprudence in general changed since you started taking this class? Why or why non?My sentiment has non truly changed. but I do understand a batch of it on a deeper degree now.