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What is the ethical issue or job? Identify the issue compactly. There are two job in the jurisprudence enforcement scenario. The officers know that in order to collar an person for driving piece under the influence. the must hold seen the single driving the vehicle in which they did non.

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The 2nd. to collar an person for domestic force. the officers must hold either observed the assault or the victim must injuries that seeable.

What are the officers to make when there preparation and experience is stating them that the person was imbibing and driving and the 911 operator indicated the domestic force has taken topographic point? The officers do non hold adequate cogent evidence for either job they face.2. What are the most of import facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical determination presented? Include any of import possible economic. societal. or political force per unit areas. and exclude inconsequential facts.The married woman name the constabulary to describe domestic force.

When he officers arrived. they saw the hubby faltering into the house and dropped something which looked like auto keys. The officers saw one auto on the route which was still warm.

The hubby is slurring his words and has other nonsubjective symptoms of poisoning. The hubby has failed the field soberness trials which revealed his intoxicant degree was. 20.

If the officers arrest the hubby because they believe he was driving under the influence. the strong belief will be thrown out since the officers did non detect him driving. If the officers arrest the hubby for domestic force. the instance will besides be thrown out because they did non witness an assault and there are no seeable hurts. If the officers arrest the hubby on their religion that the instance will lodge they can put on the line disciplinary actions.3.

Identify each claimant ( cardinal histrion ) who has an involvement in the result of this ethical issue. From the position of the moral agent—the single contemplating an ethical class of action—what duty is owed to the claimant? Why? Claimant( cardinal histrion )Duty ( owed to the claimant )Perspective ( What does the claimant hope will go on? )WifeNon-InjuryBeneficence

The married woman does non necessitate the officers aid. hopes they believe her narrative and make nil to her hubby HusbandFidelityBeneficence

The hubby will prefer that the bulls ignore the state of affairs and non collar him Officer Nixon and RookJusticeOfficer Nixon hopes that the married woman or hubby will squeal to the domestic force and or driving under the influence so he can collar the hubby and acquire him off from the married woman SocietyJusticeReparationThe society would prefer the hubby wage damages for the offenses the hubby committed

Measuring Options4. What are two options for the scenario? One option can be a wild card that you normally may non see an option because of possible deductions. Both should be within free will and command of the same moral agent. Alternative AAlternate BWarn the husband- Talk to the hubby and married woman individually and offer to assist them acquire into AA and DM categories and seek intervention for alcohol addiction. Arrest the hubby for DUI and Domestic Violence5.

Respond to the following inquiries based on your developed options.

Alternative AngstromAlternate BWhat are the best- and worst-case scenarios if you choose this option?

Giving the hubby a warning and options to acquire aid might discourage the offense.The hubby will be removed from the married woman and she will no longer be capable to his maltreatment. If he is non arrested. it is merely a affair of clip before they are back on the same call but worst. Will anyone be harmed if this option is chosen? If so. how will they be harmed? See households and derivative effects.

Yes. I believe that society might be harmed if the wrongdoer decided to go on driving and driving. Besides. the married woman may still be a topic of his domestic force.NoWould honouring an thought or value—such as personal. professional. or religious—make the option shut-in?
Law enforcement officers would prefer to collar the single alternatively of giving him a warning.

NoAre there any regulations. Torahs. or rules that support the option? Are at that place regulations. Torahs. or principles that make the option shut-in? State the regulation or rule and bespeak if it invalidates or supports the option.
If officers were to utilize their discretion when warning persons with junior-grade wrongdoers. they will non be interrupting the jurisprudence.Law enforcement officers are here to implement the jurisprudence and arrest those who are interrupting the jurisprudence.

However ; in order to collar those that are interrupting the jurisprudence. at that place has to be likely cause or the instance will non keep up in tribunal.Using Ethical Guidelines6. See each ethical guideline and explicate whether it would back up or reject your alternate. Guidelines based on the action itselfAlternative AngstromAlternate BShould this alternate go a regulation or policy that everyone in this state of affairs should follow in similar state of affairss in the hereafter? ( Kant ) No because each state of affairs is non traveling to be the same.

noDoes this alternate consequence in utilizing any individual as a agency to an terminal without consideration for his or her basic unity? ( Kant ) nonoIs the purpose of this action free from vested involvement or subterranean motivation? ( Kant’s well will ) yesnoDoes this alternate demonstrate a echt concern for others affected by the determination. and is the moral bureau reacting to a perceived demand? noYes. it shows they care about the victim and her safety.Guidelines based on effectsAlternative AngstromAlternate BIs the good that consequences from this alternate outweighed by the possible injury that might be done to others? ( Mill’s harm rule ) No. Even though the officers are making the right thing. if the hubby decides to travel back drive.

he can harm others. yes

Is any harm brought about by anyone other than the moral agent? ( causal injury ) The married woman is conveying more verbal and physical injury to herself by non Learning Needs Assessmentspeech production.
noWill anyone be harmed who can be said to be defenseless? ( paternalism )

the married woman can be harmed one time the officers leave.noTo what grade is this alternate based on the moral agent’s ain best involvement? ( ethical egoism ) The officers came to assist in the state of affairs but their aid was denied. If the officers had plenty cogent evidence to the discourtesies. they could hold arrested the hubby which would be in the wife’s best involvement. Which alternative will bring forth the greatest benefit—or the least sum of harm—for the greatest figure of people? Select merely one option. ( utilitarianism ) Harmonizing to Torahs.

this option is the best class of action.

Ethical Decision Making7. Choose to continue with either Alternative A or Alternative B and explicate the grounds for your determination.Although Alternative B would be my determination since it is obvious that the hubby was driving under the influence and mistreating his married woman. to follow the jurisprudence. alternative A is the right class of action.

Even though alternate B is what most want to make. it is considered illegal and will be unethical of the officers.