Law can be likened to the foundation upon which the modern society is built, the absence of which, it will certainly and definitely degenerate and fall apart into chaos and anarchy. Stating the necessity for law in our society can never be over emphasized, this is because of the complex and intractable nature of our modern life, with all of its myriads of problems, it would be practically impossible to imagine life without law.

If we juxtapose our city life against the background of a situation where there is no law or Constituted Legal Authority to regulate how we live, interact and do business, it would be absolute chaos and madness where it would be every man for himself, it would be a throwback to the stone age era, where it would be “survival of the fittest or strength is might” As improbable and horrific as it may seem, but that is the reality of what living without law would bring. Thomas Hobbes, articulately captures the gloomy life of such existence by saying “Life in the state of nature is short, poor, brutish and hard” Max Weber, the German Sociologist, posits that law exists to maintain peace and order for the general good of all, therefore the need or expediency of law in our society and lives is absolute imperative that cannot be over-emphasized. The result of such necessity are self-evident by the relative peace, order and harmony in our everyday life where people generally comport themselves in an orderly manner without any form of external coercion. For example, a young girl can boldly go a park filled with boys and will not fear of being sexually harassed or molested because there is law in place that forbids such dastardly acts. The reverse of this too, is that any able-bodied young boy with over-reaction of sexual hormones would twice of sexually molesting any girl because there is a law in place that forbids rape for he could be prosecuted and possibly incarcerated if found guilty. All these are the ancillary benefits of living in society that is guarded by law.

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