Last updated: May 22, 2019
Topic: SocietyRacism
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Law & Order

Reality-based shows have their own way of reaching the hearts of many. Some were able to showcase the harsh certainties of life that happen every day. The show “Law & Order” was one of the longest running reality based shows that showcased the different issues faced by people nowadays.

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All throughout the series, it may be evident that disparity exists between the officers and the suspects in the show. Most of the time, the suspects are regarded to be Blacks or Asians. Specifically, the heinous crimes seen all throughout the series featured the Blacks as the culprit. Both Blacks and Asians who reside in the United States should be given the same treatment as those of the white Americans. All should be treated equally, for they all work hard in order to survive the fast and changing world.

This mode of thinking is also evident through the way they dress up. Since the Blacks are regarded to be the “bad people”, they are mostly seen wearing baggy jeans, rubber shoes, big shirts, and tons of bling. They are branded as people who cannot do good things to society. The policemen, on the other hand are seen wearing their uniform; with the detectives seen wearing their coat and tie. The exhibition of such attire is a symbolism of how respected and educated these people are. In addition to this, we are given the idea that people who dress properly are treated with much respect, as compared to those who just wear a pair of jeans and shirt in their daily lives.

The Asians, on the other hand, are portrayed heavily as the group of people who have difficulty in conversing with Americans. We also have to take into consideration that regardless of their difficulty in the English language, they are also people who are entitled to the same education as they are. Sometimes, their experiences and knowledge go beyond what we have accomplished in life.

Regardless of these disparities, the show also features some Asians and Blacks in the cast. Detective Ed Green is a black man, but his role exemplifies more than his color. The same goes for Detective Lupo. Although the show does exhibit racism in his character, the fact that he was regarded to have come from a “terrorist area” was something to be considered. Regarding one place as such is the same thing as being discriminating towards minorities. Yes, it is a reality that there are different groups of people all over the world, but this should not be the basis of one’s disposition in life.

From everything that has been said, I believe that the situation is beginning to reach the alarming state. The younger generation would be shunned away from change and equality if this kind of perception is continued. As the primary source of influence among kids and teenagers, the media should open more doors for people, especially in the elimination of discrimination. As a starter, the show may shift from their original context of regarding blacks as the culprit in every case shown. They could shift this by making the hero a black individual, and praised by everyone for his hard work.

Furthermore, the show may also get rid of the idea of regarding Asians as insufficient in knowledge. Instead of portraying them as the victims, because of their lack in proficiency in the English language, the show could have an Asian detective. In addition to this, they may also incorporate the rich culture of the Asians in some of their episodes, wherein they are regarded to be of equal footing with the other races. Besides, the United States is aimed in showcasing the talents and knowledge of people, regardless of their race and culture. Furthermore, it is just but fair for everyone to be treated equally, and practicing a life filled with respect and love for each and everyone.