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Leader Core AttributesEverything rises and falls on leadership but knowing how to lead is only half the battle. The word leadership can refer to: the process of leading, the concept of leading, and those entities that perform one or more acts of leading. (See Leadership. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia).What does it take to be a leader? It costs much to be a leader, for you are to think of the welfare not only of your own but for everybody. We have many great leaders in the past that we are still looking up to with high regard; we also have some of them now.

So what makes a good leader? What are the core personal attributes of a leader?   Self- Awareness like self- confidence; Social awareness like empathy; Emotional Management like emotional self- control, transparency, initiative and optimism; Relationship Management like Vision or inspirational leadership, developing others, conflict management and teamwork and collaboration. (Boyatzis, 1982 and McClelland, 1998). A leader must also have fear to God, men of truth, hates covetousness and place as such to be rulers of thousands; and rulers of hundreds; rulers of fifties, and rulers of ten. (See King James Version Bible, pp. 80- 81).

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A great leader must also possess values like Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Effective communication by leadership in critical areas is one of the key to winning trust and confidence. Helping understand the overall strategy and helping understand how they contribute to achieving the objectives while considering the people involved and not just the leader. These attributes have made great leader of our time. Leaders that have set good examples in our lives.  References:Exodus 18:21. King James Version Bible.

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