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Leadership is seen as the ability to influence behavior of human being in order to accomplish a mission which the leader ahs designated. The individual who perform the act of influencing is known as a leader. Management is seen as the power which is attributed to an individual by the premise of the position he or she holds. Leadership is the power which is accorded to an individual by the premise of influence. A leader is therefore a person who can adapt the present principles top the prevailing circumstances.

According to Cohen 1998 in,%20Not%20Born.htm

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great leaders are made but not born leadership can be learned just like any subject. People who are being trained to become leaders should try at the same time to utilize their inherent ability rather than waiting for other to recognize them. This is according to People who are being trained to become leaders should be ready to take on responsibilities regardless of the title. They should know that leadership involves initiative, dedicated action as well as encouraging others. People who move with commitment vision as well as confidence usually become true leaders. The skills and qualities of leadership are developed and nurtured over a period of time. A plan to focus aspiring leader efforts, leveraging his or her current strengths as well as evaluating his or her gaps of knowledge is needed. Leadership is about taking responsibilities.

According to everybody has got the potential to become a leader. There may be disparities in leadership where some people are better than others in leadership but everybody has starting point from which he or she can start from. Leadership is therefore a process that helps people to achieve their very set goals. Leaders are people who have made time in the course of their lives for organization and they are therefore organized people.

People are able to learn techniques which later turn them into great and successful leaders who can transform the society and make it a better place to live.  In,%20Not%20Born.htm

most learned people who are also well motivated lack the know-how of how to lead. They cannot be able to assume positions in the leadership hierarchy. If they happen to assume they do not do it very well. This leads to people assuming that they were not born to be leaders. What this people lack is the training on how to become leaders. This causes a tragedy because all organizations in all countries need people who have good leadership qualities and characteristics in order to drive the organizations into prosperity. To say the least our families also require that our parents be good leaders because if they are not then the family set up will not function properly and thus it will fail. Every nation for it to achieve growth in anything especially its economy it must have good leaders. Leadership depends less on the innate trait that one may have in leadership. It depends more on the principles and techniques that need to be followed for one to achieve good leadership.

General Hoyt S. Vandenberg was one of the greatest military in the country. He was seen not to be a natural leader and was almost disqualified from the Academy because he lacked within himself any leadership quality and ability. He was counseled where by he was taught the leadership qualities, techniques and characteristics. He applied all of them and by the time he graduated he was very competent in leadership. The skills of leadership developed with time, during his entire life.

After he graduated he assumed command of the 90th Attack Squadron and later became an instructor in the Air Corps Primary Flying School. He was later appointed as a flying instructor and become the commander of flights and commander of the deputy stage. He later became an instructor at the Air Corps Tactical School to say the least and in all these areas his displayed high qualities of leadership.

There are certain principles which must be followed in order to achieve the best qualities in leadership. An interview which was conducted to 200 leaders revealed that they are the key to leadership because all the 200 leaders exhibited them. They are simple but it is usually very hard to follow them. The principles are:

For one to become a good leader he or she must maintain absolute integrity. Leadership is about trust and confidence. People who are leader should be trustworthy. This is because leaders influence behavior of human beings. For people to follow what you care telling them they must trust you. If they you they will do what you are influencing them to do with confidence. Leaders therefore need to win the trust of the people they are leading so as to make their work easier. Leadership is more successful in a calm environment. A calm environment does not exhibit hindrances as compared to areas where there is hostility. In hostile areas the leaders work became more difficult because he or she had to first reconcile the hostile groups so that he or she can win their trust hence being able to lead them. By reconciling them he or she will be able to influence their behavior. Trust is important because a leader needs the people’s support without any hesitations.

A leader needs to know his or her stuff. A leader should be competent and know what he or she doing for the people follow him or her. People who the leader is trying to influence their behavior do not care about whether the leader is competent at the office or not but what they care about is whether he or she are competent and knows exactly what he or she is doing. Therefore promotions at work place do not earn a leader respect from those people who want to follow him or her. What earns a leader respect is what he or she knows and what he or she can do. According to knowledge and skills are crucial in leadership.

A good leader needs to declare his or her expectations. He or she needs to specify where he or she is going. He or she need to have destination. In other words the leaders should know what he or she wants to achieve as the end. He or she should therefore have goals, objectives and vision. These objectives, goals and vision should be continually changed depending on the prevailing circumstances. By them being flexible the leader will therefore be able to achieve what he or she planned for leadership is therefore about determining your goal which should be achievable.

A leader should always display uncommon commitment. A leader should always be committed to what he or she wants to achieve. A leader does not have undivided commitment. It should be total commitment this will help him or her to achieve the very best results which he or she anticipated for. The leader should be committed to his or her goals because if he or she is not no one else will be committed. Therefore a leader should be committed first in order for the people he want to influence to be committed.

A leader should always expect positive results. He or she should always anticipate for a win. Research has revealed that people who think positively will always achieve positive results even if not exactly what they wanted. People who think negatively will always lose. Therefore it is very important for leaders to think positively so as to achieve positive result for winners always expect a win.

A leader should always take care of his or her people or customers. Human beings respond to things or actions according to what they have received at their end. If a leader takes care of his or her people, he or she should always expect the same. People will take care of you if you take care of them. If leaders do not show care to their people then vice versa will be true. Therefore leaders should be caring to the people who want to influence their behavior.

Leader should always put duty before self. Leaders have mission which need to be accomplished. This is their duty. They should not therefore put their individualistic and self centered interests in their duties. They also have a duty to take diligent care to their people. In some areas the mission may come first while in other it is the people who come first. All in all the interests of the parties involved should always be at the fore front before the individual interests of the leader. The leader responsibility therefore is to the mission and to the people.

The leader should get out in front. The leader should always be there to guide and perform the actions that are called for by his or her leadership area. He should not seat in the office and give instruction on what is supposed to be done. He or she should go out to the people and watch what is happening. This is what that can be termed as leadership.

The above principles reveal that leader should be knowledgeable, good communicators, committed, optimistic caring, trustworthy, and courageous and have a powerful sense of duty. Leaders who are effective draw on these qualities in order to achieve the influence to their people: loyalty, trust inspiration and persuasion.

According to the specific skills which lead to leadership are taught and developed. Although not everyone who learns a leadership course becomes a senior leader, it does not mean that they can not lead. Leadership occurs at diverse levels in all organizations. Courses of leaderships are offered in order to prepare the learners to be responsible in their organizations, homes and communities. The courses usually have a wider application. The courses are offered in order develop the learners’ potential in leadership. Some courses that are offered in leadership are ‘leadership in organizations ‘leadership and power and leadership, integrity and change. This courses help to prepare the learners to be able to take up responsibilities later in future.

When people are learning leadership each of students should be given a chance to assume leadership as a practical lesson. This will help show whether the person has attained any potential in leadership and where he or she needs to improve. The things which are learnt in the courses can be applied everywhere in the learner’s day to day life. In supplement of leadership courses, communication courses should also be offered. This is because effective communication is focal in leadership. Leadership does not reside in the position that an individual holds but is based on the ability to identify issues and realistically looking at them. It also involves making hard decision, ability to mobilize people and dealing with change which are taught in course work.

According to people should assume leadership in the learning process because acting leads to reality. A mentor or a coach is important for one to attain good leadership.

According to leadership requires organization and commitment. Leadership should therefore be committed and organized. Leadership is a mixture of behaviors skills, knowledge and values. Everybody had got what he or she holds to be characteristics that a good leader should have. Different groups will obviously have different beliefs on what makes up a good leader. Success in leadership depends in the matching capacity of the leadership characteristics the leaders possess to what the people you are leading value.  A leader should know his or her values, knowledge and abilities and how other participants perceive them. It is important for a leader to know his or her strengths and weaknesses. It helps in improving.

Leaders who succeed are the ones who put an effort to learn and practice the skills they have learnt. The skills are:

A leader should have knowledge as well as understanding. a leader should have knowledge about the organization, how to conduct a meeting and the business that the organization carry out. A leader should know the organizations objectives, vision, mission and its set up. Knowledge about the group that the leader is dealing with is also important.

A leader should have skills and an ability to communicate. A good leader is a person who is able to express himself or herself with confidence and a high level of clarity. A good leader should also be a good listener. A leader should get the facts and feelings of the people he or she is dealing with. Great leader are good in probing and they pay a lot of attention.

A good leader is a person who can be able to foresee and therefore develop a vision to the organization. A vision should always be communicated to the people thus allowing them to become part of the vision. A vision cannot be built by one person, it is a collective action. Therefore the leader should include the people.

A leader should be a person who is always ready to take risks and is innovative. New ideas may come from all corners i.e. from the people and from the leader. A leader is a person who has the ability to recognize constructive ideas, support them and campaign for action to be taken.

A good leader is person who values other. He should recognize and reward people out of their good work. A leader should also be an encourager. In all Endeavour people tend to loose track and are tempted to give up, the leader should always be there to encourage the people who are in trouble.

Leaders are therefore made but not born. There is not recipe or a formula that can be used by an individual to become an effective leader instantly. Leadership is a process of try and error which exhibits its successes and failures. A clear look at the above discussed articles show that with time people develop leadership after being exposed to the principles through a learning process. General Hoyt developed leadership skills after being tutored and was able to utilize the principles in all the positions he held and this led to him becoming one of the greatest military leaders. This shows that leadership can be taught and achieved through a process. There are certain principles which need to be followed for one to achieve effective leadership with time. This shows that leadership is a learning process which needs to be achieved over time. Thus leader are not born but made.