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Some people become leaders because they develop certain talents and dispositions. Others stumble into leadership because of circumstances. True leader knows how to make people function in teams and groups. A good leader can keep balance among individuals converting them into productivity. It is the charisma of great leader that can convert a group of people into competitive business advantage.

There has always been a controversy; should the companies try new blood and rely on older leaders. Bring an experienced leader within company has its own benefits; such as accustomed to the norm and culture and follow the already known procedure. However the drawback of such approach is that older leadership lacks out of box thinking. A company leader will follow the set traditions and established guidelines; which may work in normal times; but in a world which is constantly changing everyday; business needs to adapt and evolve with changing time. Ford and GM leadership was inborn and worked well; for very long time; however older leadership could not see the change taking place around them. The Japanese companies applied lean management practices and successfully cut the prices making autos more affordable for American consumers. GM and Ford old leadership were resistant to change and lived for long time in illusion of being steadfastness which didn’t work in 21st century.

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For companies that wish to survive in today’s fast paced world; it is inevitable to take innovative steps by infusing new blood among its rank. The fresh blood will have new ideas and new way of thinking. Modern businesses need constant change and adaptability. Sometimes it is better to take risk rather than ending in a slow death; which perhaps the traditional leaders may not want to try out of fear of failure.  It is often the fresh blood that can bring out of box approach to an organization giving its people new vision and new direction for greater success. Had there been no new thinking in human civilization, the world would be still living in primitive age.


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