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Peter F. Drucker devised a five point plan of traits that can make an effective leader. The five traits that are provided can act as a tremendous guide to becoming a leader because they are based in a solid combination of clear common sense and performance coaching. As such, all five points will be briefly highlighted so that they can be better understood.

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The ability to inspire to employees to be great provides a means in which the employee can improve and be the best possible player on the team. By infusing subordinates with enthusiasm, a leader can get things done. By living with integrity and leading by example a leader can stress the moral high ground that is required for people to follow. No employee will blindly follow a leader who is hypocritical or ethically challenged and a moral leader will always receive stronger support. Creating a flexible and responsive organization creates the structure required for an entity to perform smoothly. When one is too inflexible and rigid, morale collapses and a business entity becomes weak. Building a terrific management team is critical because it involves hiring people who share the same lofty values and goals. This creates the potential to getting things done. Tying all together with supportive management and compensation is the final critical point as it creates the proper cohesion necessary to maintaining the morale of the employees by proving to them that they are valuable. As such, a combination of all of these elements has the potential to create a very effective leader. The reason is that these five traits make sense and they all work.