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Leadership – Political Activism and Professional


The healthcare aspect of the society is indeed a valuable concern for the people since their lives and health conditions depend greatly on the quality of the service the healthcare professionals can serve (Holroyd et al, 2004). Because of these, healthcare profession is constantly being improved and developed by implementing new and innovative policies to address each of the significant issue that is rising on the daily basis. However, since the healthcare professional is largely composed of human beings that are willing to implement service to the society, political issues are also being encountered in the present, which deals with the concerns of the said people.

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The healthcare profession is composed of individual implementing service for the people. Because of this principle, these professional manifest as the basic units building the whole healthcare profession thus as the basic units, they must also be consulted of their opinions regarding the current political issues in their field. This concept is mainly logically since these are the people who know the very critical matters in their profession as they are practicing them in everyday basis. In addition, healthcare professional can be viewed as the most concerned people with regards to the said profession since they themselves are the ones held most accountable for the said aspect (Hughes, 2004). Because of which, their opinions and suggestions regarding policies in the political aspect of healthcare is indeed significant in establishing the best possible solution for each predicament.

Take for example the issue of developing a more comprehensive emergency healthcare procedure mainly on the aspect of political hierarchy of control over a specific condition or scenario (Holroyd et al, 2004 & Hughes, 2004). The most ideal approach to undertake in this issue is to consult the opinion of each involved healthcare profession since they are the people who practically mastered their work and they will be the ones most affected with the new policy. Outside organization must only manage the lobbying procedure but still, most consultation must be towards the healthcare personnel. The most important concept is that ideas and opinions of the healthcare personnels must be prioritized in addressing the political issues regarding the aspect of healthcare profession in service towards the society.










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