Last updated: September 16, 2019
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For many, working in an atmosphere wherein interaction between the management and the people of lower rankings plays an important role for productivity and much appropriate work ethics. However, the lack of organization and systems disrupts the existence of working harmony.

The true essence of leadership lies among these three sub qualities: responsibility, dedication and humility.

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The existence of good management is inevitable. It should be consistent and versatile with both abrupt and gradual changes that may have occurred inside and outside its premises. It should be noted that strategic changes often last for only a brief epoch. In connection thereto, the management should frequently establish TEAM BUILDINGS in order to closely knit the relationship of those in managerial positions and those dwelling in the rank-and-file statuses.


The elements of successful team building are composed of:


A clear and understandable vision of the the activity.
The will to pursue an activity that will be beneficial for all the concerned participants.
Commitment to redirect the awareness of the changes.
An adaptation for changes occurring in and out of work.
The provision for planning and strategic workshops that will be participated by each and every employee regardless of positions and compensations.
It is important to keep in mind that EQUALITY should be first and foremost projected in having these kinds of activities. Furthermore, it is essential that skills are complimented well by those of leadership rankings for continuous success and the sincere adoption of change.