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Leadership style of the Management Staff Affecting Nurses Participation in Decision Making and Strategic Planning



Leadership style of the health system management staff regardless of style must make each worker a “business person” with commitment to total responsibility for patient care. It should focus on goals and the conservation of productive energy by efficient direction and builds quality through every stage of production. How ever leadership style of the management staff may affect nurses’ participation in decision-making and strategic planning for the reason that one of the management staff’s function is to provide advice and counsel. The line structures of nursing are those that have direct responsibility for accomplishing the objectives of the nursing department. Russell Swansburg (1995) pointed out that while nursing in the line structure may act in a staff capacity, their authority for decision-making is based on staff recommendations.

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On strategic planning Management staff should create a climate for the personal growth of learners. Management staff should encourage managers to understand and decide which programs will support the business strategy of the company. In other words, the leadership style of the management staff may affect nurses participation in strategic planning through advises and counseling.


What does nursing involvement and input accomplish within the organization?

Swansburg stated that in nursing, “the in puts are newly employed nurses who come to organizations with continuum of assets such as specialty certification, graduate education, certification in life support system, and skills in management, teaching, and research” (p. 32). Perhaps what they accomplish in the organization are the processes provided by the management, which include orientation, internships, staff development, certification, and continuing education. All this adds to the nurse organization asset, which leads to adaptation and growth.



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