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Leading the group

The nature of emotional intelligence in this age has made it an invaluable tool in establishing effective communication channels in the home, at school and even in the industries. Great leaders of major companies understand its value and have adopted its constituents for the improvement of production of goods and services, based on a good network of interactions among employers and employees. A good look at its components makes its use inevitable for those having challenges managing a team of a group of people.

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Daniel Goleman introduced the concept through his landmark book, Emotional Intelligence. In the book, he listed five components: these include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. The foundation of these concepts is self-discovery and understanding with a view to improving human relation skills.

Self-Awareness is the first and arguably the most important; is ability to recognize and understand personal moods and emotions. Motivation is the passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status; a tendency to pursue goals with energy and persistence. Empathy recounts the ability to understand the Emotional makeup of other people. Social Skills talks about the Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks and ability to find common ground and build rapport Self-Regulation is the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the propensity to suspend judgment and to think before acting.

The task ahead of me is to motivate a team from a group perspective, but I have still have trouble connecting with your team as individuals. This is of major concern as it many not bring out the best in the team, not to talk of the least cooperation. It is therefore important for me to understand my self as the first step: I have evaluated my self in terms of moods and emotions and seen I have certain strengths and weaknesses. In light of this, I would work on making sure I communicate my desire in a way that is easy to understand.


Having evaluated myself properly, I believe the next step is for us know ourselves because that is where our interaction should sprout from. Apart from this, it is important we look beyond the glories that we have had and be ready to help each other no matter the background.  I need to stress the purpose the group and the existing freedom that we have, including the opportunity to meet somebody else and share life with them.

Organizations can do certain things to develop the emotional intelligence: staff can be educated through seminars and workshops on the components of this concept using competent experts in the field of human relations. This would also improve the capacity of the Human Resource unit of such industry.  The aim of the training is to facilitate the introduction of the new concept of emotional intelligent into the activities of the company, so that not just only a few people know it but at least every employed staff.

When they become aware, each person can the n be evaluated regularly on the practice of what they have learnt. Competent ones can be rewarded accordingly.  By also adopting a reward system, they would be encouragement to change, improve on skills and every one benefits without compulsion or of necessity.  This would greatly contribute to increased productivity within the organization, and the freedom that exists would be innovation and diversity available for maximum utilization.



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