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PIXresizer is a tool for quickly resizing images to generate screen-friendly or email-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes. It can work on a single picture file or a collection of files in a directory. PIXresizer is best in reducing high resolution digital camera pictures into small sizes for email or web display purposes. It can convert between graphic formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF), rotate images, convert to grayscale and resize multiple images in batch mode (Groot, 2007).

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Since the area of interest is photo processing, the keyword “Picture resize tool free download” was plugged into the Google search engine. This became the first item located in the following link Click the free download and unzip the packaged file.


Learning Approaches

The following learning approached were performed

·         Direct Usage – Directly using the PIXresizer by uploading a JPEG image, try to decipher the control and generating the output

·         Reading the help file – Clinking the help button and going through the help file.

Since the program is very user friendly, the direct usage approached appeared to be the most effective. The steps in doing it are already numbered in the window so it was very easy to follow. The controls are very easy to decipher. The use of the help file consumes more time because you have to go from one topic to another. Although, the help file provided the advantage of special features such as adjusting JPEG quality and setting to other DPI value other than default.



The features that were learned immediately after working with this software for a few hours are the following

Ability to work with one or multiple files at the same time
Ability to convert between graphic formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif)
Ability to output in Gray Scale format
Easy to use resizing buttons (presets) and controls
Sample Input / Output Files

Using the sample picture shown below, the resize and convert function are demonstrated using actual input and output files.


Resize – The following file winter.jpg with a size of 800 x 600 pixels was reduced to 400 x 300 pixels size

Input                                                  Output



Convert  – The same file was converted to from JPEG to PNG

Input                                                  Output







The software is very easy to use because of the numbered steps shown within the same window. The orientation and titles in every step are very easy to comprehend. With little logic and some understanding of the basic graphic formats, one could use this software almost instantly. The software is also very portable because the installation is only 2.87MB. It does not consume much of your hard drive when installed. It is also very easy to install. It is also very useful software even for such a small size. There are instances that you really need to resize a picture to reduce the file size. With this software you can process an entire folder in just one click. For a free software, this is already a very good software.




The general issue involve in teaching/learning a new software is dependent on how familiar a person is with the input and output that it generates. This is followed by software graphical user interface whether it is user friendly or not. Another most important requirement is the availability of a comprehensive help file. These are the three most important issues that relates to the teaching/ learning of software.







Groot, D. (2007). PIXresizer – Free Image Resizer. Retrieved from the Bluefive Software  website:,  on February 20, 2007