Last updated: August 11, 2019
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 Leave the Car at Home  Leaving the car at home is an easy way to help save the environment.  Our environment is under constant attack from pollution, chemicals escaping into the ozone layer and general wear and tear on roadways.  By leaving the car at home, even once a month, we can do our part is helping to save the environment.Climate change is changing our planet now, and carbon dioxide from your car is a huge contributing factor.

The average car commuter drives approximately nineteen miles per day. Cutting that by half through car sharing would save about 648kg of carbon dioxide over one year. It takes 216 trees to absorb that amount. So, therefore by leaving the car at home we can not only help reduce the pollution being emitted into the atmosphere but we can help save trees.

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Walking or cycling, even just once a week can not only help reduce emissions but also save you money on gasoline. Walking to the bus stop will also help you work up to the 10,000 steps you need to take a day to improve your health.Another great reason to leave the car at home is to help preserve the roadways.  Each year many thousands, if not millions, of dollars are spent on paving over natural land to make room for more traffic and patching old roadways.

  This damages already existing nature and the eco system that may thrive within it.  Re-paying existing roads also can wreak havoc on the environment.  The large diesel trucks needed to do this work emit toxins into the atmospheres, further deplete our resources and add to the wear and tear on the road.

  It is one small patch which creates and adds to an even larger problem.By walking, taking the bus, carpooling or bicycling each one of us can help reduce greenhouse pollution, reduce the smog in the air from car exhaust and help save our roadways.  It’s a simple way to help save something that is in desperate need of saving.  Our environment!