In Uruguay there is a motion to legalise marihuana. and the Uruguayan authorities efforts to go the first authorities in the universe to lawfully sell marihuana. Socially. the authorities wants to divide the sellers from the users. Politically. this is a bold measure by their President to take a different attack to and old job.

They feel economically that this plan will increase gross.By Uruguay seeking to legalise marihuanas they might better the lives of people populating at that place. The traders will be acquiring less income. They look for maintaining people safe from traders so so they can happen drugs. They intend to happen difficult drugs like diacetylmorphine and cocaine. So they intend to divide the traders from the users. To kick the prohibition wont will non be easy.

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but people in Uruguay will set shortly. The Uruguayan authorities will go the first authorities in the universe to sell marihuanas. Their President is truly forcing for the legalisation to travel through the Congress.

They are looking to take 30-40 million dollar covering off from felons and the black market. The money from the merchandising of marihuana. by the authorities. will be traveling to rehab centres.The Uruguayan authorities will be deriving more money from selling marihuana if they legalize it. because other states will travel to Uruguay to purchase marihuanas. It will besides increase touristry in the state. They will be utilizing the money from the gross to increase drug instruction in Uruguay.

In decision this is a good thought. Socially. it’s maintaining people off from felons and harder drugs. Politically. it is a bold measure a new and interesting manner to halt sellers. Economically.

it will convey in money to the state. It will diminish the income of traders and felons and increase the instruction. I think this is a good solution to the drug trafficking job. Why go to a cat who is selling it for more so travel down to the local shop and purchase it for less money. It’s a new and imaginative attack to the job and I think the thought will work.