Leisure vs.

Work TimeBusinessmen often say that more deals are closed on the golf course than in the boardroom. This is a reality that is based upon the realization that when people are not at work, they let their guard down and allow people to get to know them better. They are more relaxed and receptive to business discussions as well. It is because of this chance to observe a worker in a neutral and relaxed environment that we, as observers, learn more about society .One of the reasons that we learn more about people or society in general during their leisure time than at work is because we get to observe them in a relaxed environment where they are not pressured to produce results and instead get to unwind and forget the pressures of their daily grind. We get to know the person behind the worker. How he feels, how he deals with life, how he copes with work related stress when off duty.

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All of these information that we find out leads us to a better understanding of why certain people have or develop a certain work ethic.Secondly, during a persons leisure time, he also allows himself to be more receptive to the things happening around him and then reacting accordingly. Thus the gold course belief of most businessmen. When a person is engaged in an activity wherein he can share his interests with other people, he is happier and more talkative.

It has been observed by most that people in this scenario have lesser inhibitions regarding allowing other people to get to know who he is outside the office and because the leisure activity is something that is shared, business meetings no longer seem like work. When that happens, most people observe that work related activities get accomplished much faster.So, it is indeed true that we learn more about society and people in general by observing how their leisure time is spent rather than when they are seated behind a desk at work where his thoughts and actions are very guarded because of the formality of the situation.