There are about 30 to 35 different types of Lemurs but there has been so many new species that they are non certain how many there is precisely. In Madagascar there is about 11 different sort and some of them are about to be replete depending on the country they live in due to environmental alterations. The biomes in Madagascar are several depending what portion we are looking at.

One biome that they have is savanna. they have tropical conditions and grasslands with trees. In the other countries where there are alterations it is dessert biome.

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they have dry countries. where there is barely trees. but they have a batch of soil. Madagascar is traveling through environmental devastation caused by worlds. which are ecological sequences.

Worlds are cutting down trees and altering their home ground. this besides causes Lemurs to hold less living country. It has been said that the development of the lemurs have changed they are now found to be smaller. Lemurs that are accommodating to the alterations in their home ground are the Ring-tailed lemurs. Research workers have found that the Ring-tailed lemurs can accommodate to eating the new works harvests that worlds have planted. The lemurs that are non accommodating to the alterations of their home grounds are the Bamboo lemurs.

Once worlds start cutting down their bamboo in the preservation countries. which they eat. they start vanishing. because we are restricting their nutrient.

The Ring-tailed lemurs exploit the harvest land for their ain usage. they are non afraid to travel out and happen different nutrient to eat. Lemurs might non germinate to accommodate to the alterations in Madagascar because the alterations are go oning to fast that the evolutionary procedure can non alter every bit fast as these alterations are. The biogeochemical rhythm that may be altered by anthropogenetic activities on Madagascar is the air and the dirt. They are cutting down the trees where some of these lemurs live and these trees besides help the create air.

The dirts are altering because of the activities besides. they are taking out the original harvests and seting new. which creates a different type of dirt. Worlds do non recognize that Lemurs are merely every bit of import as they are. The besides do non recognize that destructing their environment is doing extinction because Lemurs can non germinate every bit fast as the alterations in the environment.