lesson is basically about red teaextract as a detox and I don’t have aproblem with it here you can use whitetea you’re just as well as red tea andgreen tea I don’t consider to be a majorfactor involved in causing thyroidissues there’s more an underlying issueregarding weight loss or the inabilityto do so that links back to the liversort if you want to lose weightnaturally I recommend to clean out theliver bile ducts when there is mobileavailable and for your digestive processthen you have a much higher metabolismresulting from that if your bile is verylow then your metabolism will drop toand it can subdue the thyroid functionsso there’s a in the book the amazingliver and gallbladder flush you willfind a section that deals with thyroidand how to regulate the thyroid betterthere is a direct connection between thethyroid and the liver so the cleaner theliver is the more effective the thyroidhere becomes there are other issues aswell you might want to consider and I’vediscussed them at great length in mybook timeless sequence of health andrejuvenation with regard to sleep if yousleep from 10pm onwards the two hoursbefore midnight being the most importantpart of the night for sleep then youwill increase your melatonin levelswhich have been known tocorrect thyroid imbalances and we arethe thyroid and any metal metabolicproblems it is now known that sleep whenit’s occurring at the correct times canlead to natural weight loss without theside effects that you can expect whenyou artificially try to lower yourweight through supplements or simplythrough your corrective mechanisms likedrugs so when you are looking at theweight loss I always advocate and I’vementioned that in my book grab yourgreat lose weight it’s better to do itnaturally because having excessive rateis is not a nuisance per se it isactually a protective mechanism wherethe body is collecting and holding on tofluids and fat tissue in order toneutralize toxins that the body isunable to remove on a day-to-day basisand cleaning out the liver is thereforeone of the best things you can do inorder to facilitate weight loss becauseit allows the body to detoxify itselfwithout any external remedies that youcould lead to sudden weight loss buttypically when you do that are you youtend to put the right back on becausethe body will recognize oh I stillaccumulate toxins I need to surroundthem and keep them neutralized with abuilding extra fat tissue and holding onto fluids which the body will do andtherefore most weight loss programs failbecause they don’t consider detoxifyingthe body first so keeping theparticularly also thatkidneys and a colon clean while you’remaking sure that the liver is congestedand you will have the three major organsof elimination you’re clean neat andclean which allows the body to return toits natural way