Last updated: August 23, 2019
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I’m Charlene Taylor, and I’m penning this letter in hopes that my admission status at Central Michigan University (CMU) will change to “Conditional”. The following statements will outline why my GPA is not enough basis for my wish to be accepted at your MA in Education program.

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My career in education began when I was still majoring in nursing at the Queensboro community college: at that time, I also worked with special needs children as a paraprofessional with the New York Board of Education. When I got married and pregnant, I then decided that, as a soon-to-be new mother, teaching will be a better profession for me. That’s why I changed majors – from nursing to education – in my last year. Armed with an associate degree (with most of my credits in biology and nursing plus some in education), I attended College of New Rochelle to get my B.A. After graduating, I earned for myself a provisional license to teach. This led me to landing a job as a 6th grade science teacher. When we moved to Atlanta, though, my license was not honored and I had to take a step backwards and do substitute teaching, which then made me become a paraprofessional. It may have been a forward move, but the experience was well worth it and definitely gave me more knowledge. Atlanta provided me with lots more know-how: I took up courses in the art of teaching young children to read (at Marietta schools) and in new teacher survival and differentiated instruction in the classroom (at Kennesaw State University). All these practice gained me a mastery of the delicate skill of classroom management and of planning plus implementing a lesson plan. I’d like to say that I also gained perfection in the art of being a teacher and child advocate.

But it is not just the skills and experiences that I can brag about. In the almost 12 years that I’ve been teaching, I have been awarded twice: once for having 95% attendance on all my classes, the other for having mastered control over students who have shown classroom disciplinary problems.

In the future, I see myself as becoming a voice for parents and children of economically disadvantaged areas. I’d like to be able to air their concerns regarding school policy making. But that is still far from my reach. For now, I’d like to really be able to take the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) test. This is the primary reason why I want to obtain my MAT at your University – MAT will better prepare me for GACE since I gave been out of school for quite some time now. But aside from GACE, there are other reasons for my wish to be accepted in the MA in Education program. One is that I want to take an alternative route to teaching. It is my heart’s desire to be a part of bettering the education system for children who have a disadvantaged domestic or economic situation. And on a more personal level, this degree program will be helpful in emphasizing to my kids the importance of education. It will also aid them in increasing their self-confidence and help them realize that once they put their hearts and minds into doing something, they will surely succeed.

Attached with this letter of intent are my resume and letters of recommendations which will further emphasize that I am qualified to be studying MA in Education at CMU.

Here’s wishing for your consideration. I hope that the next time I encounter you, Ma’am, is when I’m already a student at CMU.


Thank you and good day!




Charlene Taylor