There is an increasing concern about the quality the public schools. Through this letter, I would like to unfold some popular myths about public schools by making a comparison.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous public schools that make available education to American students than their private counterparts but certain factors contribute to make the private schools popular. A comparison of the private and public schools manifest that:• Private schools are costly whereas in public schools educations almost free. Public schools are forbidden by the most of the State Constitutions from charging the students as states itself and federations fund the education.• Academic reputation is one the prime characteristic attached to private vs. public school conflict. Both school systems differ to a great extent in their academic standing. Mostly private schools are held in high esteem in the general public opinion.

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• NCES Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS: 1999–2000) manifest that “most private schools were located primarily in central cities (42 percent) and the urban fringe or large towns (40 percent). Only 18 percent of private schools were found in rural areas. In contrast, 24 percent of all public schools were in central city locations, 45 percent in the urban fringe or large towns, and 31 percent in rural areas.”• School Size and Class Size can be associated with a school’s capacity to implement and achieve its academic objectives. Essentially, a big school is burdensome to administer. Students and programs may fall into the cracks.

But a school that is too small may not have sufficient capital to hold up specialized programs. Private schools are smaller in size.There is no overall right or wrong answer regarding whether private or public school education is best for children today. The best thing to do when making this decision is to consider the factors and weigh which ones are important to you.