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Dearest President George W. Bush: Greetings of peace! Recently, both Houses of Congress initiated legislation on the withdrawal of American troops in Iraq by March 2008. With the majority of representatives in the House and the Senate coming from the Democratic Party, it is expected that the legislation will pass, subject only to your veto powers, as part of the system of checks and balances in government. Publicly, you have berated the legislature for their obstinacy in opposing your policy in Iraq and had already threatened to truly exercise your executive powers and send the legislation to the dustbin of history. If you do, the Democrat-led majority in Congress will have only achieved a symbolic victory, as their numbers are not enough to overturn your veto of the proposed legislation. Expectedly, the political conflict on the war in Iraq will only further escalate the political bickering of both branches of government and increasing the polarization of American society. As such, I am writing to you not only as a youth of this nation but as an American citizen fully dedicated to our ideals of freedom and democracy.

Mr. President, American participation in the war in Iraq has got to stop in the soonest possible time, and your administration’s plans of increasing troops in the war-torn region shall only add to the political anxieties and lingering doubts of our people on our true role in this war that has claimed the lives of more than a thousand of our people and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis locked in sectarian battles and insurgents’ attacks. More so, we supported your war in the beginning because you had us believe of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in the research facilities of Saddam Hussein that ultimately threatened the security of our nation. As the war entered its fourth year, our security forces in Iraq have yet to discover a single ounce of the bio-chemical weapons hidden in the bunkers of Saddam’s fallen armories. While I concede that we, as a people, must never abdicate responsibility from a nation which we helped liberate from the tyranny of Saddam, direct American participation in the war must now end as the costs of the war on American resources and lives had already compromised much of the other fundamental rights and freedoms secured to its people by our democracy. This letter is not only a plea to finally support the withdrawal of troops as proposed by the US Congress, but also to request your administration to rethink its policy in Iraq and secure a better solution to the crisis, such as transferring to the United Nations peacekeepers the responsibility of securing peace and order, especially where sectarian violence is rife. Mr.

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President, our work in Iraq is done, and furthering our stay in Iraq would only heighten American sentiments against the war and even your legacy as a President. It is now time to implement a viable and immediate exit plan in Iraq, without compromising our stature in the international community and sacrificing much of the public trust given to your administration by the American people. Thank you and more power.