To Whom It May Concern:  I, as a parent am completely outraged myself to be informed that there are, in fact, parents in the world who are finding the time to protest what our children are reading. I have actually read the book, The Monkey Wrench Gang, and have found it very insightful and amusing to the specific audience whom will be reading it.  It occurs to me that very seldom a parent that hath taken the step to speak forth about their discontent with the book had actually read the entire contents of the pages. If they had done so, I’m sure they would’ve found that the book’s mere purpose was to give insight and to do so in a rather comical way; a way that could appeal to such a young audience as high school students.;;It was brought to my attention that many parents found the language that was used in The Monkey Wrench Gang to be far too obscene for such immature ears.

When I think about what our children are watching on television today and listening to with their hip hop music and such, I actually laugh at that notion. In fact, I believe that some of our children are even using far more profanity than this harmless book could ever have used. So where is the damage?;;I would like to give my props to the editor of such a book for allowing it into the hands of teenagers, for I think in every book there is a lesson of life to be taught. There is also wisdom and knowledge that to the ignorant eye can be masked with comicality. I believe that this comicality is simply there to keep the reader’s interested. After all, why on earth would they stay interested in a boring old book that refrained from using any harsh words at all when in reality even the sweetest old lady such as myself cannot get through the day without saying “Damn it.”

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