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To obtain a medical assistant position in a progressive and challenging environment in which my knowledge and procedural skills will be put to the best use for the benefit of the institution and the wider community it serves

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Obstetrics & Gynecology, Forest Hills NY                                                                           Dec 2003- Mar 2007

Medical Assistant

Ø  Acted under the guidance of the physician to assist with examining patients

Ø  Developed mastery of the techniques of taking vital signs, and performed the necessary duties for collecting blood work and samples

Ø  Recorded information about patient progress accurately and appropriately

Ø  Carried out specific instructions regarding distribution of instruments and materials as directed by physician

Ø  Prepared, packaged and labeled specimens for pick-up

St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York, NY                          Oct 2002-Apr 2003

Medical Assistant

Ø  Worked in Phlebotomy, Radiology, Oncology departments and in emergency room

Ø  Supported the physician in efforts to examine and treat patients

Ø  Measured vital signs, such as pulse rate, blood work, temperature, blood pressure and weight

All Health Center, Queens, NY                                                                                                    Apr 2001-Oct 2002

Medical Assistant

Ø  Helped the physician to perform examination room procedures, working in support of various specialists in the areas of Gynecology, Proctology, Pediatrics, ENT and Internal medicine

Ø  Participated in examining patients and paying attention to the recommended treatments in order to ensure that the patient sticks to the required regimen

Ø  Ascertained that the patient’s vital signs were at the correct levels, and followed instructions given by the physician to advise the patients on how to improve these signs

Ø  Performed phlebotomies and EKGs.

Ø  Took patient samples (such as urine, stool, etc) and prepared specimens necessary for the proper testing of the samples

NY Primary Care, Forest Hills, NY                                                                                            Oct 2000-Mar 2001

Medical Assistant

Ø  Worked alongside the gynecologist to perform examinations

Ø  Took and recorded vital signs, correlating these data with previous visits as necessary to determine the healthy progression of the fetus

Ø  Accurately recorded information and correlated data using appropriate methods

Ø  Followed the instructions of the physician within the examination/operating rooms to facilitate smooth and accurate procedures

Ø  Cleaned and sterilized instruments

Kew Gardens Pharmacy, Kew Gardens, NY                                                                         Sep 1998-Sep 2000

Pharmacy Technician

Ø  Ordered merchandise and assisted customers with their prescriptions

Ø  Assisted pharmacist in filling prescriptions

Ø  Verified insurance coverage and entered data into the computerized filing system



NY School for Medical and Dental Assistants

Forest Hills, NY

Sep 2000 – Sep 2001

Medical Assistant Certificate

Merry college 1997
York institute.1998


Phlebotomy v EKG v Computer Literate (email, Internet, and Microsoft Word)

References available upon request

v Multilingual (Russian, Persian, English)