The universe of Information Technology transformed and made the life of human existences easier through the invention of different machines and package applications. Search engines are all over the web for faster and dependable beginnings. But despite these easier ways of geting information.

libraries are still operational in schools. colleges. and universities. Students are still obliged to utilize books from their library as one of their mentions in researches and other school plants. Pull offing these libraries requires a batch of minutess and undertakings. Some of these minutess include record maintaining of the books and pupil and employee borrowers. However. many school libraries are still operated manually by bibliothecs and library helpers.

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Our proposed system. the Library Management System. is a system wherein library minutess will no longer necessitate manual operation. This will transport out different procedures in pull offing school libraries like library catalog for easier book seeking. maintaining records of books. pupil borrowers. books borrowed.

return of books. delinquent and balances of books borrowed and automatic mulct fees computation. This will be made easier through the usage of barcode scanner. In extra to this. it will be paperless except for the printed grosss that can be provided for those who have record balances.“A library’s map is to give the populace in the quickest and cheapest manner information. inspiration.

and diversion. If a better manner than the book can be found. we should utilize it. ” * Melvil Dewey ( 1851-1931 )American Librarian and EducatorBackground of the StudyThe Divine Mercy College Foundation was once School of Divine Mercy.

1990-1997. It is a Private Non-Sectarian School headed by Ms. Benedicta B. Martinez. It was established twelvemonth 1997 which is located at 129 University Avenue. Caloocan City.

It runs preschool to collegiate instruction which offers the undermentioned plans:* Bachelor of Elementary Education G. R. No.

s. GR No. 025 2003 – * Bachelor of Science in Business Administration G. R. No. s. GR No.

013 2006 – * Bachelor of Science in Computer Science G. R. No. s.

GR No. 028 2005 – * Bachelor of Science In Hotel and Restaurant Management G. R. No. s.

GR No. 014 2006 – * Bachelor of Science in Information Technology G. R. No. s. GR No. 033 2005 – * Bachelor of Science in Nursing G.

R. No. s. GR No. 027 2007 – * Bachelor of Secondary Education G. R. No.

s. GR No. 026 2003 – * Associate in Computer Technology G. R. No.

s. GR No. 021 2003 – * Certificate in Caretaker / Household Helper G. R. No. s. 0313010046 – * Caregiver G.

R. No. s. WTR s. 2004 TVET –* Certificate in Nursing Assistant G.

R. No. s.

NTR s. 2003 TVET –* Modular Certificate in Child Care* Modular Certificate in Elderly Care

With more than 1. 000 enrolled pupils. their library has about 9. 000 books on manus.

managed by two bibliothecs and more than 20 employees. The school has non yet developed a Library Management System. Based on our interview with their caput bibliothec. they were merely utilizing Microsoft Excel to maintain path of their record sheets in their library. Their pupils use library cards to hold entree in borrowing books. Aside from this. their listings of books were non updated and decently managed.Aims of the StudyThe chief aim of this research is to develop a system that can assist in pull offing different minutess involved in the library.

Through this. lesser employees will be needed and there will be an easier manner for seeking and pull offing books.Specifically.

this survey aims to:* Develop a system to replace the usage of Microsoft Excel in maintaining records * Discover the convenience of the usage of barcode scanner for easier minutess * Develop a system with a user-friendly interface* Develop our cognition with the scheduling linguistic communication C #* Enhance our accomplishments in database direction* Enhance our accomplishments in programming

Scope and Boundary line* Collects user information from pupils and employees. Personal information will be handled confidentially * This library direction system has its ain barcode integrating characteristic that will do minutess faster * Provides the book’s position if it is available or issued out * Has a balance sheet the will name all the debts and balances that a peculiar student/employee incurred. * Automatically prints a reception after a dealing is made. * Has a database which is updated after a dealing was madeBoundary lines* The Library Management System is non available for online usage. * It doesn’t demo the outline and inside contents of books/magazines * Aside from books. magazines and newspaper. no other classs or stuffs are to be added in the system like Cadmiums. cassette tapes.

etc. * Lone pupils enrolled and hired employees can borrow books ; other clients won’t be entertained * Merely decision makers can run and utilize the library direction system plan * Selling of books is prohibited* Doesn’t include the “time in” and “time out” of the librarian and other employeesSignificance of the StudyTo the Company – This research will offer increased productiveness and occupation satisfaction among staff members as it eliminates duplicate of attempt. It will supply more economical and safer agencies of hive awaying and maintaining path of library minutess.

It will besides better dealing scrutinizing because of the reception integrating. To the Users – Students will bask faster and easier minutess because of the barcode integrating characteristic. Students will besides hold more accurate information in supervising their balances. Developed and improved procedure in look intoing out and returning books. To the Advocates – The advocates will derive experience and at the same clip cognition in constructing the proposed system.

This can besides assist better their accomplishments in scheduling and database direction.