Last updated: March 13, 2019
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Life and War in Iraq

Certain events usually no personal bearing on one’s life in terms of direct involvement but they alter one sees life and react to various situations. My brother went to fight in War in Iraq in the summers of 2003. At that point I never thought he will so different when he will come back. The way he react to things has completely altered – Before going to war he was a hard working middle class American aspiring for higher education and comfortable life but once he came back from battle field the priorities remain the same but the meaning has changed.

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He is more proactive to change and want to bring those changes into his life. Violence on streets of Iraq made him work for peaceful solutions between our personal relationships. He is now more receptive to listening to my and others point of views.


Hurricane Katrina and Life After

Hurricane Katrina brought a profound change in my life, one of my relative has to leave his home in New Orleans and have to come over to our place to start all over again. Just seeing his face reminds me of how one moment of nature fury can undo years of planning and what should be one’s priority to face such ordeals.

Just seeing him getting back to work and working his way up again made me realize that most important thing in life is education. One can loose all the wealth and prosperity but education gives the hope and spirit to fight back as once the winner will always be the winner no matter what the situation demands.

One lesson I take for the rest of my life is education is not about securing a top job it is about making educated decision after analyzing the facts. It is our way of investing in ourselves.