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International student comes across manifold learning experiences. His major pursuit remains on-campus leaning but various other facets of education-abroad transform their whole life. His interaction across cultures capacitates them to understand the importance of diversity and values of other cultures. Many social-cultural hurdles also impede his way also. Overcoming these obstacles and developing an inter-cultural understanding produces professional confidence in the individual that enables one to speak out for a course of action even when others disagree.  It makes him to takes significant personal or professional risks to accomplish important goals. It enables individual to stand his ground and to work independently without constantly referring to others for advice.  Individual who demonstrates this behavior is prepared to take on new or different challenges in his role.

When I landed on the land of dreams i.e. America, a few years back, I was full of passion and cravings and my ultimate dream was to win laurels for myself and for my family. I was well aware of the fact that mere desires do not translate into something concrete and sheer hard work and exploitations of opportunities are needed to excel in life. But idealism and desires are a must as it is said; “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. In America, several other impediments came into my way i.e. the difference of culture, language and the system of education. I produced inter-cultural competence i.e. to produce ability to demonstrate respect for, interest in and understanding of a range of attitudes, beliefs and traditions and how these affect and contribute to the work, to overcome the cultural differences. I established close associations with my American class-fellows and joined various communities to get an in-depth knowledge of American culture. This brought a whole life change as I cast away my conventional beliefs and habitual formation and inculcated a spirit to hanker after dynamic and progressive lifestyle.

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During my initial years in America, I also suffered from the language problem but I polished my skills in oral and verbal English. Now I am well-versed in English. Another impediment was difference between my native system of education and American education system my native system was based on mere transfer of knowledge and rote memorization whereas American system was action-based and inquiry oriented that requires active mental faculties. So I charged my creative batteries to adjust myself to the American educational system as my native education was based on mere transfer of knowledge and rote memorization. I learnt to think, evolve and implement an idea in the practical form. All these impediment produces in me a habit of resoluteness and determination. This clearly manifests another behavioural competency i.e. flexibility. I have the ability and willingness to change ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence. While studying in America, I worked with different people of different ages and socio-cultural backgrounds. This role has capacitated me to develop certain leadership qualities and taught me how to give others opportunities to practise new skills and capabilities, and how to organize and provides coaching. Now I can create a supportive environment by securing necessary resources and removing impediments to effective working.

So status of an international student offered me opportunities to transform myself from a passive listener to an active participator. Now I possess the ability to work hard and exploit the opportunities that come in my way. I possess the sustained energy and determination in the face of obstacles to set and meet challenging targets, in compliance with quality, time and diversity standards.