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Life extension is an increase in maximum lifespan. The aging process could be stopped by replacing organs with artificial organs (xenotransplantations) and molecular repair. Life eextensionists, those who take are taking advantage of the life extension findings and using them for themselves, are excited with the breakthroughs of the tissue rejuvenations with stem calls and organ replacements. (Wikipedia encyclopedia). Could life be extended? If this does happen we run this risk of overpopulating Earth. ”Live and let live” is the slogan for individual choice. “Recent genetic and molecular biological discoveries have dramatically extended the lifespan of several experimental animals, mice and worms, and could have potential applications for increasing longevity in humans” (Main). Life extension has raised many concerns both politically and socially, feminist empiricists and radical Marxist have taken a stern stand against it!

Feminist empiricists and radical Marxist do not believe that life should be extended. They believe that the aging process is a natural science and that nobody should expand their life, feminist empiricists believe that women are central to the system of reproduction” (Anderson, 13). Marx explained that “conditions determine consciousness”, he believed that individuals were more dependent on the world (New If more of society accepts something, more people will follow. Individuals have forgotten how to think for themselves and seem to follow the actions of the majority. Technology is run by the capilists and once socialist take over an entire new world will be at our grasp (New Youth). In summary, society must not convert to life expanding. Mammals must die and more replace them. It’s not only a part of science, but could cause a major hazard for Earth.




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