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Lifestyle Changes Essay, Research Paper

My Lifestyle Changes Paper will include the six constituents of health, that being Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Interpersonal and Environmental health. It will include my ends, my failings every bit good as my strengths to the constituents of health every bit good as a program for myself to pull off all of these constituents. The paper will besides include awaited alterations in my life style that may dispute the single constituents of health and how I plan to cover with these alterations.

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The first constituent of health that I? ll discuss in that of Physical health, which requires eating good, exerting, avoiding harmful wonts, responsible determination devising, larning about and acknowledging illnesss and diseases, maintaining regular medical and such medical examinations along with forestalling hurts along with other physical features of your organic structure. My ends for Physical health are to populate a healthy and active life style. In order to make this I must better on some of my failings in this country, which are eating unhealthy nutrients. I must besides larn to do some determinations that I make more responsible, every bit good as larning more about diseases and how I can forestall them from go oning. Another cardinal mistake of mine is that I drink alcohol, it may be merely a college stage, but in order to be wholly physically healthy I must larn to cut down on my ingestion of intoxicant. Despite my failings I do hold many strengths in this country, some are exerting on a regular basis which I have ever tried to happen clip to make. Trying to be selective in my eating wonts and eating every bit much healthy nutrient as possible. Another strength is I am motivated and care about my physical visual aspect and how I treat my organic structure and want to look. My program to better on my Physical health by go oning populating an active life style and exerting on a regular basis. Besides to seek to step things up a notch for that of my strengths, continue making the good things that I have been making. I? vitamin D besides like to better greatly upon my failings, by seeking to be much more selective in my feeding wonts, seeking to avoid late dark snacking and eating nutrients low in fat and unhealthy substances. Another cardinal thing for bettering my Physical health is to cut down dramatically in my imbibing of intoxicant, which I plan on making. I? vitamin D besides like to go cognizant of diseases and hurts that I have a higher hazard of achieving and do the things necessary to forestalling these things. Along with that are some simple things that I can make to increase my Physical health, such as my driving wonts to decelerate down my velocities, along with taking other safety safeguards in things that I do. Basically merely believing about what it is I? m about to make, and doing some responsible determinations for the good of my Physical health.

Emotional health, which is optimism, trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self control, fulfilling relationships and the ability to command my emotions and show them openly and decently. Emotional health to intend a batch to me to be stable with myself and the relationships amongst my friends and household. My ends are to keep steady relationships with those I? m associated with and ever maintain a positive frame of head for myself to be happy. Equally good as to be at one with myself and showing my emotions openly. My failings every bit far as Emotional health are really small the one thing that I do non ever do is show my emotions and what I? m really experiencing openly with others. My strengths are that I have really high self-pride every bit good as assurance. I accept myself for who I am and that is all that I can inquire of myself. I have really hearty relationships with both my household and friends. I besides do a batch of thought and exploring of myself, to believe about things traveling on in my life and how I? vitamin D like to cover with them. I plan to pull off my Emotional health better by seeking to be more unfastened about my feelings and ideas with others. I? vitamin D like to be able to sit down and speak about my jobs if I have any with any one I know, that? s how unfastened and emotionally stable I? vitamin D like to go. Rather than merely allowing things sit inside me non cognizing what? s to come of my ideas and feelings built up indoors. This is a really positive facet of my life, but you can ever better on anything and I? vitamin D like to on my openness to others as I have talked about above.

Intellectual health is being unfastened to new thoughts, the ability to believe and oppugn critically, motive to carry through new accomplishments, sense of wit, creativeness every bit good as holding wonder. My ends for rational health are to maintain my head invariably larning and ne’er be satisfied with what I have learned. My failings for Intellectual health are besides really few, the one thing that I think truly stands out from the list is creativity. Which besides may hold some things to make with believing critically. My strengths are that I? m a really unfastened minded individual ever willing to seek and see something new. I have a great motive and finding inside of me that makes me desire to hone whatever it is I? m making at the clip whatever it may be. My sense of wit is besides really cardinal, I couldn? t live without holding wit and laughing, its merely one of the greatest things approximately live to do person smiling or smiling yourself. I besides find myself oddities about new things inquiring inquiries and researching about things I don? Ts know something about, invariably seeking to larn more and more all of the clip. My ends every bit far as Intellectual health go to maintain on making what I have been for the positives and to ever maintain an unfastened head no affair what the state of affairs may be. As far as bettering I can seek to be more originative my merely seeking new things, believing about things earnestly and truly seeking hard to make different things each clip could better my creativity.

Religious health is the ability to hold steering beliefs, rules or values that give you a intent in life. It involves love, compassion, forgiveness, selflessness, joy and fulfilment. My failings are in this class are that I? m a college pupil and I don? Ts have to clip that? vitamin D I? vitamin D like to greater research my Spiritual health. I? vitamin D like to be more involved with my household and experience more of the things Intellectual health has to make with them. Equally good as church, I? d love to go an active member in my church one time once more. My strengths are that I do cognize that I have a individual in life and would wish to carry through that intent for the good. I besides have love all around me, from friends and household. I? thousand really happy where I am and what I? m making with my life. I besides do pray every dark and believe in God and I want to travel to heaven. I know what it is to be compassionate to others every bit good as when I? m having it every bit good as that of forgiving others for their incorrect making and having it from them when I do incorrectly. My ends for bettering my Intellectual health are th

at to seek and pass more clip with my household to distribute and have the love, compassion and joy every bit good as all the things that come in Intellectual Wellness that they have to offer. Once I am done with college and on my ain once more I besides plan on going an active member in a church in my country and go toing. Although I? thousand really happy in my life right now, I think with the church it merely can do everything more meaningful and truly assist you recognize your intent in life.

Interpersonal and Social health is the ability to hold fulfilling relationships, both physical and emotionally. It involves good communicating accomplishments, developing familiarity, support webs such as household and friends. My ends for this are to maintain steady and good relationships with those around me and to ever be involved in someway with my loved 1s. My failings in this class are really few, the one thing I feel I wear? T do good is show my familiarity and love plenty to my household and friends who surround me. My strengths in the class are many every relationship that I have every had I? vitamin Ds have to state had been a good and fulfilling one and I remain on good footings with all my household and friends. I feel they are both physically and emotionally stable, I? m so near with so many people and have so much trust in them and experience as if I could state anyone of my household members or friends anything I felt like. Knowing they? vitamin D be caring and supportive in my determination or error. Which brings me to the following strength which is communicating, that I feel is the key to developing long permanent interpersonal and societal relationships with your household and friends. You have to speak about things and acquire them out amongst your household and friends to maintain a good relationship traveling. The support of my household and friends has besides ever been there and likewise for my ego for them, I know that anything I do or they do we will be rooting for one another until the terminal, which is a great thing. It truly makes you experience good about yourself to cognize that you have everyone on your side at that place for you. The things that I could work on to better with demoing my familiarity and love for my household and friends, I? vitamin Ds have to seek and develop even tighter relationships than we already have which could be tough to make. I think merely every bit far as ever being there for them and stating them that you love them and care about them, are things I can make to guarantee those around me of my familiarity and love for them. So I plan on seeking to be close and ever be positive and promote my loved 1s and state them how much they truly mean to me, therefore bettering my Interpersonal and Social health.

Last is Environmental health, which is that to profit our planet from your making every bit good and maintaining healthy due to the consequence of our environment. My ends for Environmental health is to greatly better my consciousness every bit good as my health in it more than I am right now, non to merely profit myself but the hereafter of our universe. My failings every bit far as Environmental health starts off with and obvious one recycling, which I don? T do. Another major one if driving everyplace as a individual rider of a auto, which pollutes the air. Another harmful thing that comes from the environment is its ultraviolet beams that I don? T ever protect myself from. Another thing that I don? t do but am harmed from every bit good as the air is take a breathing in 2nd manus fume. Now onto my strengths for Environmental health which is by far my weakest class. I do recycle when its provided but non on my ain is one positive. Another positive is that I don? t fume nor do I promote smoking to those around me. Littering is besides that I? m truly against and have participated in Adopt a Highway Program legion times. I besides wear? t participate in force in society I? m against combat, and frequently talked other out of it. My program to repair my failings are to go much more cognizant of the environmental factors that I can lend to, for assisting our universe a better topographic point. I? vitamin D like to acquire recycle bins around my house and get down recycling all the merchandises consequently. I? vitamin D besides like to auto pool to cut the first-come-first-serve hr traffic down in Minneapolis, and more significantly to assist forestall the air pollution in the environment. I? vitamin D besides like to protect myself from the ultraviolet beams of the Sun more frequently while lounging in it, by utilizing sun block of the proper SPF to take down my hazard of skin malignant neoplastic disease. I? vitamin D besides like to cut down on my hanging out in topographic points where there are high sums of 2nd manus fume and merely be wiser in my determinations to where I want to travel and take an alternate topographic point without fume drifting about in the air. These are the things I? vitamin D like to make to raise my degree of consciousness and of lending to my Environmental health.

Now I will be speaking about some awaited alterations that will most likely occur in my life, and which of the six constituents of the health I think I will be affected in by these alterations. The first alteration that will happen that I? m traveling to speak about is aging. I think that the greatest challenge that everyone will come approximately will be aging and its toll on your Physical health. The challenge to seek and remain physically healthy, as you get older it merely gets more challenging. You must truly watch what you eat, and travel to the physician more frequently for regular medical examinations on your wellness and most of all attempt to maintain active and attempt and handle your hurts and illnesss rapidly so they don? Ts take a toll on you. Aging I feel may every bit good take some sum of challenge on your Emotional health, being that were all so used to being immature and healthy. That for many it may be hard to remain positive and maintain your head believing you can do it through this tough phase of aging. Aging may besides take some challenge to get the better of the Intellectual health, by turning old you forget things, and seem that you? ve seen it all. So you must maintain that desire to larn to maintain on tact of your Intellectual health and go on to be unfastened and learn and turn as you age. Changes in a occupation may besides be a challenge that you may come across in your clip, I think this could truly impact your Emotional health, particularly if you don? Ts like the alteration. We must larn to accept alterations and learn to remain positive and take things as they come about to us. Intellectual challenges besides we will all come approximately, non being in school any longer and experiencing as if we know it all from our experiences. We must invariably go on to larn, you can ne’er cognize excessively much. So we must maintain unfastened to new things and challenges that we come about and maintain a positive frame of head when these challenges may come about our lives.

In order to accommodate to the lifestyle alterations that we may come about, we must be motivated for the alterations and set ends to get the better of your failings and do alterations for the good, and maintain all the constituents of health in head in making so


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