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In the book Like Water for Chocolate. Tita has to take between passion or stableness. There is no adult male in between with whom she can pass her life. Though Pedro is non really caring and supportive. he and Tita have an tremendous passion for one another. John does all he can to do Tita happy and cares about her a batch. but this is non adequate to get the better of their deficiency of passion.

The film The Notebook is a narrative about a miss named Allie who falls in love with Noah when she is a adolescent. Noah is non as economically good off as Allie. but they are in love. They are separated by Allie’s parents. who disapprove of Noah’s hapless household and travel off with Allie. For an full twelvemonth. Noah writes to her day-to-day. but her female parent doesn’t show Allie the letters. After non hearing from each other for a twelvemonth. they decide to give up. Allie falls in love with Lon. a rich soldier who her parents O.K. of. Soon after. Allie sees a image in the newspaper of Noah standing in forepart of the house that he promised to construct her old ages before. Allie realizes that Noah must still love her and goes to see him. Their [ movie ] passion still exists and Allie has to take between being with Noah. her first love. or populating her life with Lon. a stable adult male who her household approves of.

In the terminal. Allie chooses to be with Noah. She realizes that she needs [ movie ] passion. Passion is more of import to her than the stableness Lon provides and than her parents’ blessing. For both Tita and Allie. their strong passion overcomes everything. including parental blessing and any security. They prefer to be with the adult male they genuinely love.

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[ movie ] Passion doesn’t last forever. but it’s a necessity. You can’t hold a romantic relationship without the passion. Without [ movie ] passion. you simply have a friendly relationship. On the other manus. if you don’t hold comfort and [ pic ] security in your relationship. and the [ movie ] passion dies out. you are left with nil. When you have neither passion nor comfort you can’t truly be happy. During those old ages without Allie. Noah works difficult to acquire the house built so he can hold stableness to give Allie if she returns.

An illustration of person taking security over passion is in Wuthering Heights. Catherine says that Heathcliff and she portion the same psyche. And in contrast. that she and Edgar are so different that they resemble hoar and fire. Yet she still decides to get married Edgar because she knows that with him she’ll have security. She would be unafraid and comfy. financially and socially. Unlike Tita and Allie. Catherine puts security before passion. This likely wasn’t the best pick. but it’s hard to state. Heathcliff becomes evil. and both he and Catherine went loony in the terminal. most likely from being apart. If Catherine had married Heathcliff it’s possible that they could hold both been happy. nice. and sane people. Even if the instance was that traveling loony was something biological. they still should hold been together and gone brainsick together. because they were soul couples. Even after they died. their liquors lived on together. With a connexion like that it was non the best determination in Catherine’s portion to get married Edgar. No affair what [ movie ] security or comfort Edgar gave her. she would ne’er be genuinely happy.

For Tita and Allie. passion is most of import. and for [ movie ] Catherine it is security. though neither worked out merely for one of those grounds. Without a balance. at some point in your life you will run into problem. Noah provides Allie with security by constructing her a house before she comes back to him. With Tita and Pedro the [ movie ] security doesn’t affair because they died in the terminal. If they had survived they would hold run into jobs and statements. Obviously. Edgar and Catherine’s relationship didn’t work out because Catherine went brainsick without Heathcliff. In most instances there are non two people who symbolize 100 % passion or 100 % stableness. as in these illustrations. There will normally be person in between as an option. person who has both the needed passion. and the [ movie ] security.