Limits of a TopicDefinition, classification, and process are methods of showing the limits of a topic, the boarders that define it, and of ordering it into steps, stages or types.  By using the mode of definition, writers limit the chosen topic or word to a specific defining meaning of a word. Many words have several different connotative and denotative meanings. Definition defines the boarders of the meaning of a particular word or event by specifically placing a label or value on that word or topic.

  This way the reader can better understand the context in which the word is being used or the meaning of the word to the writer.  With the mode of classification, writers place the topic into a specific stage or type.  They make it belong to something and locate it in a certain place in time.It has a location in space and a specific purpose.  The placement of the word into a specific class or group limits it and helps the reader to understand again the context of the word in terms of how the writer wants to define it.  The mode of  process breaks something down into steps and tells how to do it or how it is done so that the reader can actually perform a task or understand it.

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  All three modes of development help the reader to know how to perceive what the writer is trying to convey within a certain parameter. ReferenceArlov, Pamela.  Wordsmith:A Guide to Writing.  3rd ed.