Last updated: September 21, 2019
Topic: EducationTeaching
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 Sign language has developed over the years, thanks to the contributions of various people and organizations who have been interested in the teaching and learning of this form of communication. Some note-able individuals and organizations have also been instrumental in helping deaf people, and improving the quality of sign language. Amos Kendall, a wealthy businessman donated two acres of his land in 1856, to be used for building a school for deaf students, where sign language would be taught.A form of sign language known as the American Sign Language originated from the teachings of Clerc whose students learned the signs for their own studies, but they also used some signs that they borrowed from their own native sign language.

Clerc’s original mode of instruction was using French sign language, but as his teachings were spread, they were modified, and deaf communication acquired a new identifiable form, which evolved into the American Sign Language as it is known today.The American Sign Language is used for education purposes, and is assimilated into the personal lives of deaf people in America, and also into their culture and way of life. As a result of this, most ASL signs now have their roots in French sign language, although many words do have the same signs, and the same meaning both in American and French sign language.           

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