Good listening skills help every person to improve interpersonal relations and establish friendly and warm atmosphere during communication.

Also, it allows to descries number of mistakes and errors, introduce a stronger culture, and a greater organizational cohesiveness. Individuals can achieve greater job success, increase their personal knowledge, improve their interpersonal relations, and protect themselves from unethical persuasion. Good listening skills are vital in service industries, which account for more than three fourths of all jobs currently being created in the United States. For instance, effective listening skills help a salesperson to communicate with customers and influence their decision to purchase. Customer contact is maintained and improved through effective listening. Quality can be achieved only through coordination between individuals and subunits, which requires excellent listening. Improved listening skills allow individuals to discover emerging problems, enhance morale, and improve their professional image. In organizations, employees must be able to understand all the ramifications of the change (Wood, 2003, p.

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199).Effective listening helps in the interviewing process and in meetings. Listening ranks second as the communication problem most identified by subordinates as leading to ineffective communication incidents. By any measure you may choose, listening is important. Given the impact of effective listening, it is no surprise to find that poor listening is costly, which is our second major point. The various characteristics of active listening are all indications of expressiveness. In organizations, people are judged by how willing they are to participate in the ongoing transactions.

Listening is the key to effective interactions. For instance, if subordinates fail to understand the tasks explained by a supervisor, it will lead to number of errors and mistakes costly for organization. In this case, listening enhances the ability to understand the message (Wood, 2003, p. 200). Good listening skills are important because listening is used to give and receive information. When getting the job done is the focus, employees place emphasis on effective listening.

Successful listening is determined by fewer mistakes, greater productivity, and orders followed.References1.      Wood, J.T. (2003). Interpersonal Communications.

Wadsworth Publishing.