Literary Response- AbsurdistanAny forms of war and conflicts lead to the blinding thought of victory and defeat. In the many aspects of human quest for power, even silent political arguments like the cold war brought so much retribution on both parties involved. The event sacrificed all the available resources of both sides just to prove each others might. Although there are claims form the supposedly winning side of the war, it is not aware that deeper concerns are lying within its parameter of influence.

Both of them will suffer the consequences in the future and all other societies they have influenced their ideology with.On the other hand, the supposedly losing side may actually be physically harmed in a sense of losing an actual war, but a deeper unimaginable consequence will hold it for a longer time frame with its actual winning enemy. The same effect of the losing society will be felt for a very long time but will impose a very clear lesson in term s of political immaturity.For the simple reason of power dream, two entities clash with all their might just to prove their supremacy over all other things.

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They can only do so much to predict the future of all other witnesses to the grave conduct of the tow sides involve in the silent quarrel of the cold war, inflicting the invisible ravage of the conflict to those beings silent and tamed. Even though there are no physical wars involved, the cold war has thrown away opportunities that could have lead to a better development opportunity of both countries.