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Little House on the Prairie: A Review Books have a way of enhancing the imagination of both children and adults alike. These may influence readers as to how to perceive things. Little House on the Prairie was a children’s book authored by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The book was published in 1935, and is part of the Little House series.

The books were based on the childhood of the author during the 19th century. The story does not appear to be an autobiography of Laura, but rather, a fictional story with historical events. These books have been continuously published and read all over the world. As a proof of its popularity, television adaptations were made through the years.

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The story revolved around the Ingalls family, who planned on moving from Wisconsin to the Indian Territory. It chronicled the events that happened to the family during their travels. One of these was the trading of the two horses for western mustangs.

When the family reached the Indian Territory, Pa Ingalls built their house on the prairie. The family almost died when they acquired the “Fever an Ague”.  Mrs. Scott, their neighbor, took care of their needs until they recovered. Soon after, Pa does the finishing touches on the house until they were settled. In the end, the government asks the family to relocate, and the family left their house on the prairie.I believe that this book has showcased a lot of values for both children and adults, alike, to follow. This book also showed us, readers, the importance of our families.

We should also learn to be contented with the little things in life, while acquiring more knowledge about the things that happen around us. As the readers, the author has inculcated in our minds that money cannot buy everything – that there is more to life than wealth. Trust and faith are also some of the values that I have learned from this book. When incorporated with perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Out of ten stars, I give this book a nine.;;;;;;