God loves you. He knows everything about you. The Bible says that there is joy in heaven over one sinner that repents. Through His Son, He has made you a child and joint-heir of His riches and like a good father, He takes great care of you: He protects, comforts, provides, teaches, nurtures, guides, loves, and desires your good. God is your Father! This is the new reality of your life. You are now a new creation when you have accepted Christ as your savior and King. Because Jesus has paid the debt for your sin you are now free to worship God and to get to know Him.

If you want Him to, He will do the impossible in your life. The Christian life is not complicated at all when it is lived according to the laws found in the Bible. Don’t be mistaken, this is not the life you have usually dreamt of, but it is one filled with joy and peace that only comes from Almighty God Himself. Read the Holy Scriptures everyday. The Bible is God’s word.

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It exists not to provide evidence of God’s existence for it is already the manifestation of it. Through this book, God talks to you. It is like no other book in the entire world–it is living.You may not understand everything that you read the first time, but the Holy Spirit will help you to understand what you need to know. Talk to God in prayer everyday. Prayer is just talking to God about whatever is on your heart. Some of the things you can do in prayer: praise God’s Holy Name for His goodness, thank Him for your daily provision, tell Him your concerns and problems, pray for others (your enemies, friends, associates and relatives), pray for yourself, pray for the government. This list is by no means exhaustive.

As you read the Bible, you will find that your prayers will mature because you’ll know the will of the Lord and His ways. Tell other people about Jesus. Sharing to someone about your experience of Christ makes you in a way a preacher even if you don’t know how to stand before an audience.

It will help you and your friend, relative or colleague understand the great sacrifice the Father and Christ gave so that we may have salvation. Forgive your enemies and anyone that you are embittered against. Bitterness in your heart can hinder your walk with Jesus. We are to love everyone, even our enemies (Matt 5:44).Don’t forget, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

” It is not our responsibility to take revenge on anybody. God judges rightly and He will handle any wrongs perpetrated against us, we’re His children. Love God supremely and love your neighbor as yourself.

New Christians oftentimes experience spiritual attacks. You may experience more temptations and problems than usual, but do not be discouraged and do not let these things take your eyes off of the Lord. Do not be surprised if your tire blows out or someone gets mad at you for no apparent reason.Pray, read the Bible, trust in God and don’t argue.

Watch God work in your life. The new life for Christ must be lived according to His will, because His will is the perfect will for every one of us. This new life that we have in Him is the greatest gift we have ever had and to show our deep gratitude, we must live it in the way He wants. We will find out God’s choice of life for us in His words. Therefore, let us live this new life full of gratitude because under God’s care is the power to overcome the world and all its iniquities.

This is how we live a new life in Christ.