Last updated: February 22, 2019
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Living in the Hood is Good


Prejudice is often our best friend.

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Harassment has always been their claim.

A notion that we can’t comprehend;

A fallacy that we can’t even gain


We are considered “black dogs” of society.

Often feeding on the scraps of what others have,

that is a degrading fact of reality.

Contrary to anything that is even suave.


But we’re not lethargies of culture

or experts in deviant behavior.

Hard work; is a value that we nurture.

That’s why we don’t need any savior.


A community of good people,

where sports is considered a fad.

Living a life that’s crude and simple

and using the education we had.


Money is earned through hard work and sweat,

Happy people living in the hood,

where bias and prejudice had met

and produced a son; misunderstood.


Now, please hear this people loud and clear

A simple request for everyone

The hood is a place where you shouldn’t fear;

A place where everyone can have fun.


Here is a story of our culture.

Most of the time criticized and mocked,

but look closely – you’ll see a future.

All you need is a mind that’s not blocked.