Last updated: September 24, 2019
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Do I live on campus or do I live off campus? Thousands of high school seniors make this decision every year.

There are definite pros and cons to either choice. Consider living and study preferences to help make the choice. The most important factors to weigh in making the decision are cost, transportation, and independence. First of all, cost is a very important factor when making this decision. The cost of living on campus can be up to thirty-five percent more than living off campus.Living on campus is one set price per semester.

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The cost of living on campus is added to the already expensive tuition. Living on campus may seem cheaper, since it does not have to be paid up front, but after the four years are over the cost will be waiting with interest. On the other hand, living off campus can save money in the long run. I can determine how much my monthly rent will be. There are many apartments with utilities included. Also, to cut down my expenses, I can have a roommate to split the cost in half.

Secondly, transportation is a very important factor in the decision to live on or off campus. Living on campus I can easily walk to class. If I am running late class, is only five minutes way. I would not need a car to get to campus which will save a tremendous amount on gas.

However, with living off campus transportation is needed to get to class. Whether it is driving or taking public transportation, it is going to cost money. Also, traffic can be an issue especially if I live in a crowded area.Because of traffic, I could be late for class. Lastly, independence is a factor I would need to consider. Living on campus, there are rules and regulations that I would need to abide by such as curfew and limitations on guests. There is a resident advisor on the hall to ensure the rules and regulations are being met.

Also, as a freshman, I do not have the ability to choose who I live with. However, living off campus I will have a lot of independence. No rules and regulations to abide by.Friends and family are welcome at any time. I can select my own roommate which will make living away from home more comfortable.

Do I live on campus or do I live on campus? Is a question which cannot easily be answered, since there are many factors that go into the decision such as cost, transportation and independence? It is very important for high school seniors to compare the two options. The decision to live on or off campus can drastically change a college experience. My choice would be to live off campus.