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1. The fallacy of division is the reverse of which other fallacy of ambiguity ?

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A. equivocation

B. False cause

C. Composition

D. Complex

To answer the above question correctly, answer C is the correct one because  “This fallacy is the reverse of composition. It is the misapplication of deductive reasoning. One fallacy of division argues falsely that what is true of the whole must be true of individual parts. Such an argument notes that, “Microtech is a company with great influence in the California legislature. Egbert Smith works at Microtech. He must have great influence in the California legislature.” This is not necessarily true. Egbert might work as a graveyard shift security guard or as the copy-machine repairman at Microtech–positions requiring little interaction with the California legislature. Another fallacy of division attributes the properties of the whole to the individual member of the whole: “Sunsurf is a company that sells environmentally safe products. Susan Jones is a worker at Sunsurf. She must be an environmentally minded individual.” (Perhaps she is motivated by money alone?)” (Logical Fallacies Handlist)

Basically, this fallacy can be said to be based on a assumption, as noted in the above quotation, most individuals make assumptions when in fact their assumption could be incorrect. A good example, would be if I worked for Microsoft, one would normally automatically infer that I am a programmer or engineer for the company. However, this is not always the case as it could not always be true.





Logical Fallacies Handlist, 10-09-2006