Logistics Article ReviewThe article “FAA: Missed Safety Review” by Conkey and Pasztor discusses the decrease in number of overdue stressing that it does affect logistics in the country. It is reported that about one hundred recommended safety reviews were failed to be preformed and major airlines in the country are troubles how it will affect transportation safety. The missed reviews touch such logistic issues as safety of airline systems, flight-crew training, deicing programs, etc. The authors write examinations have revealed that “FAA managers have allowed Southwest Airlines Co. to fly planes that hadn’t undergone mandatory structural-safety inspections”.A number of hearings were started to see whether other companies were overdue for any reviews conducted. As a result, it was indicated that dozens of reviews in airline companies were not performed to check safety of transportations. FAA is accused of allowing airline companies with too much control over safety reviews and safety problems should be always revealed before any accident take place.

However, annual reviews don’t ensure that safety hazards are full overlooked and prevented as their goal is to identify whether airline carrier is able properly to collect and to analyze safety data and to take preventive measures.To speak specifically about the affect of events on logistic it is necessary to underline that improper safety reviews may prevent customers from using airline services because instead of enhancing inspectors, Southwest Airlines uses ATOS as a way to shift the burden of oversight to the industry itself. Failure to ensure safety leads to falling profits as customers won’t feel safety and insecure. Further, logistics in endangered as not only Southwest Airlines are involved in the scandal – more than seven famous airline companies are involved as well. It means that the overall airline transportation system can’t be characterized as secure, safe and properly managed.

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Finally, engine monitoring and pilot training are affected and, therefore, system inspections matter.