Anger is evidently present in Look Back in Anger. It is embellished in the rubric and it is presented through Osborne’s unfavorable judgment of his society as seen in different onslaughts on category and faith. The secret plan of Look Back in Anger is a reasonably common one. It tells a narrative of the matrimony between two people from different categories in the society. the jobs of such a brotherhood. the married woman go forthing the scene and returning finally.

Overall. it is a reasonably straightforward dramatic. yet realistic secret plan. However. although the secret plan is simple. the narrative conveys issues such as category. isolation.

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and post-war issues.Class is one of the major issues attacked in the drama. Alison’s male parent. his married woman. Helena and all of Alison’s friends.

and the Bishop of Bromley represent the enemies that must be attacked because they belong to the “privileged” category. To Jimmy. these people are “militant. chesty. and full of maliciousness or vague” ( 19 ) .

They are those with “money and no brains” and are insensitive to others ( 44 ) .Jimmy expresses his choler through the usage of linguistic communication which reminded me of scriptural linguistic communication. He uses the word “blood” throughout the drama to depict his relationships. When I hear blood. I think of forfeit and force.

Jimmy seems to experience as though he has sacrificed much of his life to a lifeless relationship with his married woman. The usage of the word blood symbolizes the non-physical. yet deep psychological force between Jimmy and Allison. I’m debating whether or non to see this drama a comedy or non. There were many scenes that I found funny ; non the obvious wit. but the deep.

dark. type of wit. I truly enjoyed this drama.

largely because it’s more modern-day than the other dramas we’ve read.